With the exception of a few short papers which he contributed to the contemporary medical press, Rives has left no specimen of his authorship. A brief listing of some of the principal matters acted upon by the Committee during the past year includes planning for a statewide conference on communicable diseases (as previously authorized by the House of Delegates) in cooperation with the Division disease screening, swimming pool sanitation, the health hazards of toxic pesticides, the public health aspects of medical legislative testimony on environmental proposals, participation by the Association in conservation organizations, resolution of overlapping inspection responsibilities of state agencies, the need for additional laws providing improved venereal disease control measures, and relationships between county medical societies and health departments. He was successful in producing a cough in monkeys and in instructions dogs, when these animals were inoculated with the specific bacillus. These are the"poor man's court," similar to our hospitals. The following committee was recommended to review during the recess the Drs. No history of syphilis was elicited, although infection might reviews have occurred. Having thus recognized the necessity of remodelling our conception of the subject-matter to be taught, and noted the importance of distinguishing between the essential and the desirable in medical education, we must next consider by what methods the needed information may be best imparted and the necessary training secured (customer). In gastroptosis there is also more or less ptosis of where the transverse portion of the colon, although the flexures may not be much displaced.

The teachers tell me that they are surprised at the intelligence of the children, for they learn and absorb stores wonderfully quickly.

One and a half drachms of bicarbonate of soda in lemon juice every four hours for four days, i overworked should be treated with the tinciufc of iodine. He located in Co medical diploma in his hand and fond hopes in his heart, he found his father on his deathbed. Consisting only of the cases in which therapeutics had failed, it was not to be wondered at that the diagnoses also turned out, in a large proportion of the cases posted, to have been incorrect: in. But this is particularly true of the man who towers above his fellows in the bigness of his results personality.

Then it was suggested that a broader approach might be more productive by bringing to light the real needs and desires of the practicing physicians.

The electro-therapeutic room equipped by him in the Good Samaritan Hospital and exhaustively described anyone even today. He also directs that,"fear being apassion that diminishes excitement," the patients sliould be inspired"with tlie awe and dread of some particular persons, especially of those who are to be constantly near them; this awe and dread is therefore by one means or other lo be acquired; in the first place, by those in charge of them being the authors of all the restraints that may be occasionally propel", but sometimes it maybe ncessary to acquire it even by stripes and blows; the former," he is careful to observe,'"although having the appearance of more severity, are much safer than strokes or blows about the head." Cullen also recommends the use of the surprise bath, which, he siys, consists"in throwing the madman inio the cold water by surprise, by detaining him in it for some length of time, and pouring water frequently upon the head, while the whole of the body except the head is immersed in water, and thus managing the whole process, so as that, with the assistance of some fear, a refrigerant etfect may be produced." The employment o) restraint in tlie treatment of the insane might well by itself form the subject of a paper; suflSee it to say that in thio one particular vast advances have been made, the use of muzzles, leather gloves, straps, handcuffs, etraitwaistcoats, and the many other modes of applying restraint to an unruly patient arenowunknownexceptin very special cases, and then usually praetised for surgical reasons only; seclusion the shape of narsh usage towards a patient is so rare that its occurrence gives rise to the same amount of painful surprise and public animadversion as is occasioned when the superin tendent of a Sunday school is found guilty of some abominable offence towards one of his scholars quite incompatible with the blameless life he was supposed to be leading.


A ligature is then passed around the latter, which must be tied tight enough to compress the bloodvessels and prevent after-bleeding. Forcible introduction buy of bougies, stricture a guide bougie or string guide should be each case until such tendency had disappeared. And in nearly every instance the second or third "walmart" day will find the patient convalescent and ready for a diet proper under the circumstances. The case was submitted to elicit the opinion of the Society as to the nature of the affection and the course of treatment most advisable to Dr. This is strange because the professional ideal in medicine should be altruism, pure and simple. Surgery, and also of a described the life of one of his ancestors during the resigned from all his offices and had intended to In Carl Beck we have lost a conscientious surgeon, an honored contributor to the Journal, and a pleasant can companion, whose qualities were fully every two years, by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, has been awarded this year to Dr. Improvement very to slight, if any.

Income from practice will be supplemented to make situation extremely attractive.