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Forster shows in his pathological anatomical atlas, a clear picture of hypertrophy of the "where" muscular coat of the stomach. Glaessner i has recently found that the chymosin is secreted chiefly by the fundus glands, while can pepsin is derived from both the fundus and the pyloric group. Para - john Ely, one of the first Fellows elected by this Society, in Westbrook, where he married the daughter of Rev.

An important observation bearing on this point has been in a person with advanced tuberculosis of one kidney and absence of the other (ifa). Sirve - the case was mentioned for a special reason, namely, because the change in the I ilood- vessels supposed to be present yielded so directly to the treatment instituted, and the result was a I'ecovery from the hyperesthesia and ana?sthesia, and also from the symptoms of intense abdominal pain and uausea which had troubled him for a long time.

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Discussions cover concepts of the pathophysiology and que therapeutic management of Pediatric patients.