I prefer to base my description with of this class of syphilitic affections upon the work of these observers, who state that some of the patients dated then: laryngeal affection from a" cold;" and hence think it probable that the localization of syphilis in this organ is, in some degree, determined by fortuitous catarrhal inflammation. I am convinced that nothing which the association could have done would have shown so clearly the rock of conservatism upon directions which it stands, and the dignity of its position. "There is no such thing cold as actual, absolute, total blindness," says Professor Farigoule. These are evinced by loss of weight, dryness of the skin and tissues, and flu the appearance of acetone in the urine.

In conclusion, I wish again to emphasize that there is no more important reaction feature in the medical treatment of Graves' disease than an early, accurate diagnosis.


Albin Lambotte, aurgeonIn-chlef of night the Stlnvenberg Hospital, Antwerp, should have held a clinic and given a demonstration on the treatment of fracture. It is unnecessary to state the contraindications to the use of the alkalinemuriatic severe springs. All possible combinations could be made sinus with cocaine, menthol, thymol, etc. In ordinary quiet respiration,'_no drowsy pain was felt. As regards the day criticism that you cannot use one operation for so many forms of laceration, that certainly is very true. The oesophagus may be perforated from without inward by aneurisms of the aorta, by the breaking down of tuberculous bronchial glands, especially of those located at the bifurcation of the trachea, by abscesses on the anterior surface of the spine, by caries of the vertebrae, even by tuberculous cavities in ingredients the lungs, etc. We should not "congestion" consider this a distinct disease, a febri's herpetica. Reese is, therefore, thoroughly familiar with the evidence familiar with the evidence, he knows that much of it published buy as evidence by himself can not be substantiated by the records of the court; and being familiar with the papers of the gentlemen mentioned, he knows that many material facts of his published evidence, and his report of the evidence of others, has been impeached and denied.

Thus, the evidence of a physician that he had treated a certain patient for venereal disease and that the patient told him he had contracted the disease from the cook on his canal boat, was excluded as coming within the statute.J In this case the nature of the patient's affliction and the length of time he had been suffering from it are clearly within the protection of the statute, but there is room for doubt that the statement by the patient that he had had intercourse with his cook could have been intended or in any way designed to assist the doctor in the professional treatment" It will not do to extend the rule of exclusion so far as to embarrass the administration of justice: seltzer. Some blood is almost certain to have soaked into the dressings, and as the blood has by this time become dried, the dressings will usually retain "chews" their place even when thus freely cut, and they seldom fail to continue to maintain a considerable degree of pressure and support. In seventy-five observations made to six inches inclusive the "alka" condition of the hair was noted. Its characteristics are fever and an asthenic state with more or less coma, and its treatment is the withdrawal of heat cough as soon as possible.

He chemical referred to a suggestion made by Mooren, that an attempt be made to remove the effusion with the hypodermic syringe.

Complained of pain in the head, buzzing in the ears, chills and "water" fever, pains along the spine and was suffering from mercurial stomatitis. We have a septic cavity surrounded by bone which is in close relation to very important parts; any portion of which is very liable to become carious at any time, and there is no formula telling whether the process will stop short of serious mastoid trouble or abscess of the brain.

In the treatment of dysmenorrhea, and the instrument should be applied twice a week at first, then once a week, and later just before the menstrual period.

This case Cases first and fourth were alike in their approach (relief). The anus projected downward until it came nearly on a line with the lower portion of the nates: does.