A strange story is this, of a Karoo Farm, a hedge of blue aloes, that cactus of fantastic beauty, which shelters a myriad of creeping things, a whisper and a summons in the dead of the nij There are three other stories in the book, stories throbbing cream with the sudden, intense passion and the mystic atmosphere of the Veldt.

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This exhibit offers an opportunity to obtain information about the protection in of Irradiated Pet Milk and its uses in infant feeding and general dietary practice. Its supervention should be suspected when markedly increased albuminuria is detected along with access of delirium, which, till then, may not have developed: anti.


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The effect of chmate on the health both of European and native is deserving of notice: powder. The commencement of the vein, at the confluence of the two innominate veins, is on a level with the body of the fourth dorsal vertebra, and it enters the right auricle behind its appendix in front of the body of the seventh dorsal vertebra, "best" the right pulmonary artery being just above its termination, the superior right pulmonary vein just below it, and the oesophagus just behmd it or to its left. It is to the be looked for at the basis of the chest posteriorly, and next in order of frequency at the same position anteriorly.

It for was an attempt to explain away a very specific perilous fact, by the substitution of a generalized harmless theory. Ricketts, who infection had won a place in the front rank of pathologists. We are too prone to forget that rest of a wounded part is a most important assistance in the avoidance or overcoming of infection (topical).

They are, indeed, often required almost from the outset in cases marked by debility, at whatever age, but particularly in patients of bad constitution, in those who have indulged freely in alcohol, and in old people; and under all these circumstances attention must be paid to the previous habits of the patient in regulating the In such cases as these I believe that all depletion and the use of tartar emetic are in the highest degree injurious, though simple salines of may usually be given with In the majorityof cases the amount of stimulants given during the pyrexial period may be very moderate.