Is this not a reproach to our boasted civilization, and somewhat of a reflection on our sanitary science." Can we not use our energies toward legislative prevention, and in the no distant future be able to call a halt on this hoary headed monster of the East? Bubonic plague is another pandemic disease which has recently made itself known to some of our develop sea coast towns, and is of foreign birth. But a mere acute temporary expansion of the uterus or uterine walls is anti not sufficient to lead to their development or hypertrophy, llence, for example, the temporary use of a sponge tent or tents in the cavity of the uterus lor one or two days will not suffice. Such subjects make but a feeble stand against dejecting occurrences, they are more profoundly depressed by shock of all sorts, they react more slowly, and are more apt to sink without rallying: fungus. These may be tied at four places with fine silk, to secure the strands parallel while being wound skin round like a cable, with a continuous piece of the same catgut. A battery too, in which the chemical to action is great, is expensive, because of the degeneration of material, and it is not reliable in constancy. The for interrupted current is useful when the acute stage is Of internal remedies, strychnia is of value and may be given in increasing doses. In several cases the motor weakness of the stomach was the first to appear, so that the hyperacidity can be due to the great of length of time during which food is kept in the stomach. The leg was placed in a splint, and warm applications were applied (antifungal). Now, as a rule, in cutaneous diseases of the genital region the skin and its lesions present antifungals either the features distinguishable after the application of a light poultice, or those of mucous or infrequent, always delicate, yellowish or grayish in hue, rarely greenish-black, horny or bulky. The arteries no longer push on the contents of the veins, the blood ceases to flow toward the heart, the how heart ceases to act, and the countenance assumes, as in asphyxia, a lived hue from want of circulation. Where the head lies from the commencement very low in the pelvis, almost on the perineum, where the os challenging is but slightly expanded and where the cervix is much thinned out and the forewaters are scanty.


Is there any truth cream in this rumour? Warning to Medical Stcdests about to Ester the Army or Navy. Lumbar puncture was performed in the following morning. It extends lower down on the anterior than posterior Fracture of the styloid "diy" process of the ulna is very frequently present; indeed, this bone is fractured much more frequently author's series.

It on is applied topically or by ingestion. Removed a sarcoma of the tonsil by external treatment incision. Infections - he then reported five cases which had recently come under his observation. It is not without reason that pulmonary tuberculosis has been dubbed'"'the white scourge,""the captain of the men of medication death," and similar terms denoting its destructive effect on human life. Formative germinal cells come up laden with germinal juices, which, as the cell develops into the epithelial scale, exude and lubricate the canal, thus protecting it from the action of the acrid secretions are that pass over its surface. I wish to be understood as championing no new hernia method, but I do advocate the utilization of strips of living tendon a.s the suture material in whatever operative technic the surgeon prefers, since nail it is equally adaptable to a Bassini, an Andrews-Girard. The remedy par excellence in throat We recommend to carry a bottle for immediate s' rvice; the range of application of this remedial agent is well nigh unlimire'l, and the physician who is anxious for progi'ess in the realm of victory is sure to meet always with most happy results Therefore, why rely on risky methods, endangering name and reputationwhen there is ready at hand a preparation that aft'ords absolute protection against discomfiture and failure? disadvantages of the usual galemicals of digitalis the author considers it glucosides, and then refers to the desideratum in digitalis medication as follows: We must have the active principle of digitalis as one chemical body which must be constant in composition and effect (rx).

Whatever we may learn, there is something to be learned further still, and if this be the case as to chemistry or physiology, much more must it be so as to so difficult a science as pathology, in the pursuit of which we get little or no help from experiments, and have to rely almost wholly on rtd the observation of facts which present themselves as it were incidentally.

Let us, then, prove worthy of this generous commission, that we may enjoy the sweetest of all pleasuies, the delicious fruitage of honest toil In this chapter we propose to consider Life in its primitive manifestations: infection.