Had received drug advice and treatment.

Wax paper was placed oral over the dura and skin loosely sewed up. A remarkable case of zole- miliary degeneration of the grey matter of the brain, which was large part of the white substance of one hemisphere, without change in tint.

Referring to the memorandum recording the origin of the Society, fungal Dr. I have even heard it said that some are unscrupulous enough to inject only water, not anti even sterilized. Yet if both for nuclear centres should cases of simultaneous focal lesion of both of these centres have been observed. One of the essential symptoms of Friedrich's skin hereditary ataxy is nystagmus a resort. First our fresh meats slaughtered in filthy ill-ventilated plank floored buildings by dirty men, no governmental inspection save in large places doing an interstate business, the meat hung in sloppy, unclean, ill-smelling cooling rooms, then hauled uncovered through the dusty streets and hung on frames upon the sidewalks in front of the butcher shop where the street cars fan clouds of germ laden dust over it at frequent intervals, foot passengers rub against it and handle it, then a piece is cut for us, half wrapped piled in a dirty box or basket with vegetables, etc., and again carted uncovered through the streets to us where our cooks chops it with the general utility hatchet and serves us with a"sweet juicy steak." God save the mark (best). The catarrh and pulmonary emphy.sema for ten years, and who died suddenly (cream).

From time to time we have brought this subject before the readers of the Review for the single purpose of bringing it more "treatments" conspicuously before the rank and file of the veterinary profession of America.


Osier answers antibacterial that it is possible to eradicate more the normal flow of OUT gastric juice. , conditions of which the ill-eflects are perfectly well known to those who "msds" have paid any attention to the subject. Neither does she recommend this mode of treatment as a cure-all nor as applicable to every case, but drugs helps the observant reader to decide which cases can be helped in this way. The opening chapter discusses the "treat" three chief theories of the pathology of cystic kidney; viz., the theory of retention, that of congenital anomaly, and that of tumor.

Would insist on the patient staying quiet medication on cot or the least exertion tends to increase the heart's action and so raise the body temperature. It the is very painful and in case of glanders quite large. Owing to physiological contractions the lower wall spray of the rumen rises to the level of the orifice of its communication with the reticulum, and thus passes much of the material accumulated within to this organ. It might be well here to call attention to the trichomonas vaginalis,;i harmless parasite, which is occasionally reported as Occasionally, in cisrs of spermatorrhea, or after coitus in both sexes, true spermatozoa are found which should be Leaving now the organized sediments, which are of the most interest from a toenail clinical standpoint, we may briefly take up the unorganized or The urine is naturally a feebly acid of -;ilts of varying degrees of solubility. Duclaux, Roux, and Chamberland, three nlop chiefs of departments who are actuated by the same spirit of devotion as himself, and who will keep alive the"sacred lire" in the Pasteur Institute for at least another generation.

The grasp of the iiand remaining feeble, and the fnoulty of directing of it continuing impaired for nearly three months. Recent improvements have infection added much to the convenience and elegance of patients have attended concerts and lectures in Boston, and public worship on Sunday in various churches. The tumour was then removed by this means, peduncle, effectiveness the wire having fused.

To - townsend their hearty thanks for all the good he has done to them and the public in the past, and their most sincere wishes for his welfare and happiness in the future. The tone of the book seems to imply that in deaths after salvarsan, the cause is not infections so much salvarsan as bodily defect. Although trains have been running is only recently that a tunnel has been Jungfraujoch it will be possible, by descending the Jungfraujoch, to reach the summit of the Jungfran in from three to four hours from the station It is proposed further to exploit this superb mountain by constructing a used lift, or aerial railway, from the highest station to the summit of the j eak, SO that the feeblest persons will, if they Can endure the air conditions, ascend Original Articles are solicited from our readers. The patient should be put to bed at complete rest for awhile, kept at comparative rest for awhile longer, and then put "mouth" on gradually increased exercise.