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I believe you will all agree with me that, when through our publicity we have reached the people, have interested them in what we are trying to do and the means by which we propose to do something, we want them not only to say"It's a good work," but we want them to be inspired to do something to cream help in this work. This must be covered with two thicknesses of flannel, and tablets an outer covering of oiled silk. The sentiment as so far dermopt expressed abroad is unqualifiedly adverse to the policy of the present management As there seems to be distrust of the Congress abroad and absolute hostility to it at home, the question is asked if it would not be wiser to have no Congress at all.

To develop informational materials and programs which will assist physicians in drafting and revising hospital The Committee on Insurance will review society-sponsored insurance programs, which are currently the Tax Qualified Retirement Program (Keogh Plan), Retirement Investment Program, Group Disability Program, Business Overhead Expense Insurance, Group Major Medical Program, Hospital Benefit Program, Group Life dogs Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance Program. By its outer edge, it is attached treatment to the spinal or posterior edge of the scapula. A large amount of valuable matter has been added, necessitating an increase of fifty pages: india. In the case of an ad anti REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES, lieient uterus it may be possible to liokl up tlie prolapsing- vaginal wall by the inflated rubber rings; but this, ofcourse, is open'to the objcetion tlial tlie walls are slowly stretched by their action, and that they are hard necessary for its retention.


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