She came to me complaining of cephalalgia. Castor-oil, so highly prized by many writers, rarely acted kindly, and very frequently aggravated the tormina and tenesmus. On their readmission The President, addressing Mr. Perceval," to attack all the cavities, the ventricles of the brain not excepted, and in one instance fatally, upon an eruptive affection so slight as hardly to be noticed. Essential - in some obstinate cases of the latter prompt and permanent checking of the discharge and a desirable condition of the mucous lining of the tympanum is brought about by packing the middle ear and inner fourth of the canal with this drug, but this procedure is unsafe unless the patient is seen every day and carefully watched to guard against retained discharge from caking of the powder.


The epoch of the restoration, or that in which surgeons, by the vote of an overwhelming majority, have declared again in favor of the straight position. I was requested not long ago to see a young lady of fifteen years of age, who had been troubled with this species of phlegmon for more than three months: there had been, for about a fortnight, an evident pointing towards the surface, and a feel of irregular fluctuation: it afterward broke; a large quantity of good pus drained away daily; and the tumour, which at first was extensive and hard, by degrees very considerably diminished, and clustered or divided into lobes, and at length disappeared altogether. Tlie infant (not affected by small-pox) only survived a few hours. The steps laid down by Ssabanejew and Frank were accurately followed, but the stomach had so contracted that its wall was much thicker than I had expected, and it was difficult to bring up a cone sufficiently long to extend from the first or peritoneal incision to the sec ond or skin inciaiop, which latter was laid something over an inch above the free border of the costal cartilage. In discussing the objection that it may be found difficult and indeed impossible to find a perforation on exposure of the intestines by laparotomy, he points out that there are two classes of cases in which such an accident has occurred; one class in which the actual existence of a perforation is demonstrated by the presence of gas and intestinal contents in the abdominal cavity, the other in which no indications of perforation beyond the pathological lesions of peritonitis are presented. Indeed, it may be said that the graver side of the symptomatology of myomata is principally dependent upon these degenerations. Brain: Numerous and extensive areas of old meningitis; dura much thickened and adherent to bone.

Edwards's chapter on tlie climatology of that part of the State is a terse and frank exposition of the variety of climate that may he obtained. The officials there, as elsewhere, are eminently obliging, and are always glad to see oflicers of any branch of the service at their office. The dangers and difficulties are caused most often by neglect to overcome completely the contractions before the joint is opened so that the long-continued and violent manipulation necessary to accomplish replacement review exposes the patient to infection. He was afraid last year that they were going to suffer from the establishment of the Polyclinic, but he bad found, on the contrary, that their numbers had increased. Waller extended his researches, and formulated the three following fundamental laws, which are given in italics in an appendix to the work quoted, consisting of fifty-two important statements bearing upon the results of his experiments. Sternberg believes there are two forms of bacilli of diphtheria. When brought into contact with water it splits up into the peroxides of acetyl hydrogen and benzoyl hydrogen, which act as powerful germicides. Many tubes, and tubes of higher vacuum, often vary in penetrating power, so that the Ught at one time during the exposure penetrates the smaller calculi. Muscles and rupturing the adhesions which are deemed to be present. In the pure carrier gonorrheal synovitis without a mixed infection the synovitis is not attended by formation of pus and an edema in the surrounding tissues does not exist. NhI.soii, widow rf the late Edwanl A, Nelson, and only daughter of Grinham Keen, HOURS OF ATTENDANCE AND OPERATION DAYS AT THE LETTERS, NOTES, AND ANSWERS TO Communications foe the CukhentUeek's journal should reach the Office ycT Later than SIidday on Wednesday.

That an internal secretion is produced is undoubted, and experimental work carried out by Frankel points to the corpus luteum as the site of its production.

He found that if artificial hyperthermia in animals be produced, so that the temperature is raised to minutes with characteristic changes in the nerve cells. Dried vegetables yield their properties more readily and perfectly than when in their g'reen state. The risk of dermatitis is diminished if Thorium be employed as well.

In the note All these are but tritles and should not prevent our congratulating the authors upon the production of a A concluding chapter gives an interesting and timely account of the application of the Eontgen rays to the B.

The typographic standard has been very high in oil the past. The name of this genus has been taken from Linnaeus: Segar and Macbride have formed a like genus, under that of Proctalgia. The Bench and two other cases were withdrawn on his paying the court fees.