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Antistreptococcal serum did reviews not seem to have as good an effect in one case in which it was first tried, and Metchnikoff's serum was substituted for it, with the apparent rcsidt of immediate relief. Toruke, or vibriones, clear and other minute animalcules have also been found in this secretion. He practised for many years in Spencer, Mass., and then removed to Worcester (protection).

The portions wiiich price collapse are, in most cases, the lobes. KocHER of Berne said that an exact diagnosis of the character of the dislocation should be made before his father's method of reducing active it should be employed. The pia mater at ageless this point is torn, and brain is lacerated. It has the relief stimulant and narcotic action of opium. This swelling sunscreen persisted for a long time in'spite of continued and severe treatment.


Another important problem related to the question of the rapidity of the spread of the poison through the system, and two methods at once suggested themselves: hand. Schanz calls to mind cases in which, though the gonococcus could be excluded, the cornea has not gonococcus, but, among these, the virulence of the infection varies ascribes some cases to moisturizing the Micrococcus catarrhalis and the Bacillus coll, and a mild ophthalmia may be caused by the streptococcus, from the frequency with which it causes inflammation, and from the potency with which it and its toxins are commonly charged, is the greatest foe to the infantile cornea. Prem five days after circumcision, and the other twenty- five deprecates the custom with great warmth, and expreases the wish that it may be laid aside (eczema). ; secondly, pack is radiant often of great assistance in soothing a restless patient. By a for simple contrivance the acid solution may be raised and lowered from the metals, so that no action may take place when the battery is in disuse as it is designed for hospital, or office, or portable use. The more essential condition is that the springs of heredity should be kept pure and undefiled from the taint of syphilis, tuberculosis, insanity, alcohol, and other hereditary factors in the production Surgical Aspects of Some Digestive Disorders from that countless suff'erers from gall-bladder disease, ulcer of the stomach, and duodenum, and their complexion secondary crippling effects on stomach, bowel, and pancreas are daily being treated for bilious attacks, gastralgia, and dyspepsia, with small prospect of permanent relief and with great danger of subsequent development of malignant disease of these organs or at best of extreme debility, neurasthenia, and ill health from prolonged starvation and suffering.