The investigation shows that the antitoxin was obtained from a horse kept in the poor house cream stables, that the horse had not been immunized against tetanus and that the janitor was entrusted with the bottling of the serum. We diminish the power of the muscle by giving it a more backward insertion; but we, at the same time, preserve its length intact (for). To successful treatment, with no contraindications face found to heal after a single treatment.

It is held to be especially serviceable when the sputa are muco-purulent and the power to expectorate is ingredients small. There moisturizing was no effusion in the cavities. U Is the disease merely the winding up of a of death? or is it, on the other hand, a necessary though violent readjustment of the organism to the environment with which it has been long getting out of harmony; or a defensive reaction against some powerful disturbing influence?" The problems presented will be highly complex, and everything should be brought" as far as possible to the test of measurement and the balance." On ultra the subject of treatment, Dr.


In the acute form of lotion rheumatism the effect of aspirin is, cf course, still more energetic and rapid, and while fully equal to the salicylates it is entirely free from their unpleasant consequences.

In reviews his review, Frantz found that in five of ninety-six cases of islet tumor the tumors were malignant and had metastasized, in twenty-one they presented the histologic picture of malignant growths but had not metastasized and in seventy were relatively benign according to microscopic examinations. "When this is erythematous and situated about the buttocks, genitalia, and folds of the neck, astringent dusting powders, as kaolin, oxide of zinc, and subnitrate of bismuth, may be employed; while parts that are in apposition should be separated by a radiant thin wisp of absorbent cotton, or a piece of scorched linen. In special line of treatment creamy for this malady is directed. The Journal assumes no responsibility for the clear authenticity o f opinion or statements made by authors or in communications submitted to this Journal for publication. Occupation for positively older patients should be care fully selected.

In December, Franklin Martin, without knowledge of Gottschalk's work, read a calming paper before the Chicago Gynecological Society, advocating the vaginal ligation of the uterine arteries, and reporting two cases in which the experiment had been tried. Amongst individuals, many a good Tory, like Southey, begins life with a devout faith in liberty, equality, and fraternity; and,ontheother hand, a Robespierre first therapy courts public favour as the author of a treatise advocating the abolition of capital punishment.

Countries, and entirely forbidden review in France. This interferes with the blood- supply through the single vessel and, according to the degree of skin this interference, produces congestion and tumefaction, catarrhal inflammation, or ulceration or gangrene. Daily - no autoiiy wis TO THE EBITOH OF THE MEDICAL TIMES AND GAZETTP Sir, -Truly may it be said that"the spirit of the age" is pro bmo d.unkenness being recognised as a very poten', one. 30 - such was also the view held by Horace Green, Lawson, and others of our own country. At other times the reflex symptoms or local sufferings are eczema sometimes so severe as to require general treatment for palliation. Is from a medulla cut printable in series by me in the laboratory of Prof.

I examined the patient under the influence of ether and spf found that the anchylosis was bony; no amount of force that could be safely applied produced the slightest motion in the joint. Did not think that ergot was coupons ever applicable in abortion; the tampon was safer; ergot did not contract the body of the uterus until after the fourth month; previous to this it acted only upon the circular muscular fibres; he had not used it for many years, and did not regard it as applicable or necessary.

Sounding reveals an impermeable cleansing stricture of the cardiac end of the oesophagus. Why, I've been on my island for nine"Why, you complexion poor man, all alone for nine years. At the end of the second month she was oil doing all her own household duties.

In these the urine gave all the usual evidences, in quantity, specific gravity, presence of albumen and renal tube-casts, of the disease: moisturizer.