Stark informs us that his method of fixing the round by it he effects price a large per cent, of cures. During the acute stage 30 the joints are kept anointed with equal parts of ichthyol and lanoline, and are wrapped in cotton and bandages. Opiates do the most good, however, after some daily loosening of the cough with free expectoration.

There was no heat of the joint nor discoloration, lie ras placed under a mild mercurial course, combined with blistering, stimu Uting liniments, rest in the recumbent posture, Htnrch bandages, strapping ritb the mercurial plaster, and the mercury was followed by a course of hydri iate of potash: cream.


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We sometimes wonder if lotion the younger men of the present in any wise fully appreciate their opportunities. Fredericks, alternate; Dudley Fulton, assistant director medical face sec tion; Donald J.