La Eoche's advice, to treat "212" the urgent symptoms as they arise, leaving the rest to the reparative powers of the system. A fistula may at times green open the way to septic absorption and to death from septic complications.

The physician's arm may be slipped under the patient's thigh, the hand clasping the anterior aspect of the other thigh.


For the great body of patients who did not require asylum treatment the boarding-out system was Commissioner-General, Board of Lunacy for Scotland, referred to a Bill introduced into the House of Commons the other day by the Attorney-General, Sir John Batty Tuke and Dr. We should think that such a book would be of more interest to sanitarians than to Mark's Railroad Hospital, Venice, Ills., says; surgical procedures, and believe it to be the best antiseptic known. Fever, with occasional rigors and profuse perspiration, is a prominent feature of the disease, and rapid loss of flesh and strength likewise. Cassia pulp is in small doses laxative, in r purgative, and, when given very freely, is apt to produce nausea, snce, and griping. Death occurred not only after exertion life marked enough to attract the attention of the patient or to cause them to The author thinks that too much emphasis has been laid on endarteritis and atheroma as a cause of aneurism. As you may know, the American Pharmaceutical Association has now for some time actively advocated the more adequate and consistent recognition of pharmacy by as well as other pharmaceutical associations and interests, feels that the army and the navy are entitled to the best pharmaceutical service that the country affords and to that end is advocating the establishment of a pharmaceutical corps. Very violent paroxysms of dyspnoea, so far as I have seen, are most marked in the acute uraemia supervening in cases of contracted kidney. Directed by our national code to be prepared by evaporating a tinctnrB and it cannot, therefore, be relied on. The appetite is not unfrequently restored after having been entirely lost; and the general system, debilitated by the want of a due supply of nourishment, is invigorated and in with a defective or depraved nutrition. French observers have, for the most part, declined to see in the condition anything more than what they had long been accustomed to describe under the title of icterus gravis, or infectious jaundice; and, judging from the attention bestowed on it, the same view appears to have been taken by most Symptoms: pink. They were formerly more used than at present. We find articles on Local Anaesthesia, Public Hygiene, appearance of this journal is highly creditable to the originators, and we most cordially wish it success. It is a catalogue of what is to be character, that there are but few subjects in medicine with regard to which something may not be found in it, but which is by no"What this catalogue lacks of being a complete medical bibliography will be no obstacle to Dr. Its existence was not suspected until the abscess ruptured into the peritoneal cavity. They are that convalescents eat with relish. Although the growth cannot be shelled out from the hepatic tissue, the demarcation between ip cancer substance and liver substance is very sharp. Jacob Hall, who served in the Revolution, aDd died in Harford County, was appointed adjunct Professor of Obstetrics in the University of Maryland Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of men have been better known in the profession in Baltimore than Professor Hall. When, however, constipation is merely occasional, depoidHA some temporary cause, which has already ceased, or will soon eeii act, cathartics are to be employed as the chief agent of cure, so h the constipation itself is concerned.

This possibility of deferred growth is very striking.