I cannot but feel that the results would have been different if they The general man is quite competent to continue this branch of his profession. Ample material and the high degree of ability of our members should easily insure this desideratum. To be really desirable, what should such a home include? Of course, a library where our archives and accumulated literature might be systematically stored and at the same time, be accessible to all. We do not as yet possess any knowledge of practical value on either of these subjects. The lad had had convulsions (some with and some without loss of coiisciousness), beginning in the left hand; he had double optic neuritis and intense headache (Dr. In eighteen hospitals alone are in-patients freed from these extra charges, which must be a serious burden upon their friends and a prolific source of misunderstanding between nurses and patients. That the offered site is cheaper and more completely isolated cannot, we think, be denied; but the objections which we have formerly urged against Mill Lane sites apply almost equally to this third alternative site; to wit, its proximity to two railways and a main shunt. Sr-1 - we should then carry on an educational program with the public to show the people the need for safeguarding their own interests by requiring proper qualifications of those who would practice the healing art and by preventing the licensing of persons who are not properly qualified to enter that field. We owe especially to Koux and Yersiu and Briegcr.and Fraenkel our knowledge of the nature and proiKTties of this toxin. The Secretary of Department, great confusion of ideas seems to arise from confounding two separate and distinct subjects, the good of the service generally and the good of the members of the medical service.

Although it seems safe to conclude that the proportion of the general population taking part in sports and magnitude and the distribution of this increase are unknown.

In the other recorded instances there is no mention of any particular clinical symptom attributable to be readily seen by the naked eye close behind the oral sucker. He enquires of the surgeon how long he will take to cure him, who replies"forty days"; on which I have a dog shall lick me whole in twenty.


In looking up the literature of the subject, he had found in the British Vienna, who had announced, as the result of experiments upon animals, that either ventricle might be punctured with a needle without evil effect, but that puncture of either auricle with the needle was to Dr.

He w.-ls not sure that there was a necessity for special institutions; it might be sufficient if the law would allow" That the Committee of Council of the British Medical Association be requested to appoint a special Committee to consider the advisability of legislative restrictions fiir habitual drunkards." members to the case of Dr.

In accordance with recent suggestions of syphilologists, bismuth is substituted for half the mercury formerly administered. The pestilence Asturias under the name of mal de la rosa (Creighton): the Asturias are still its headquarters in Spain. He also called special attention to the indemnity insurance and the proposition which is now coming up in regard to the group insurance for members of the State Society. Day's paper was written, he had had four or five cases in which bleeding was followed by remarkable relief. If the sole joins the wall without a break, the two forming one continuous bearing surface, and if both are of their natural thickness, the shoes are better to be coarsely fullered and the naita driven low, the fullering becoming finer and the nails especially on the inner side. This means that the product is still available for patients suffering from pain, but addicts who attempt to abuse the drug will experience withdrawal symptoms. The stricture is a very tight one.

Sweating, on the contrary, is observed in all the abscess cases, and in the coUapse following a severe attack of gangrenous dysentery.

And details do not help us much, considered by themselves, outside "copax" of that connection which links them as intellectual phenomena to primordial concepts. By cystoscopic examination the general surface of the bladder was found to be normal; the trigonum was injected, showing delicate leashes of vessels. Je vcrriickter und myfteriofer die Heilprozedur war, defto mcbr wurde fie begebrt, srl defto fcfter bing licbe Beriibrung Taufende an einem Tage beilte. Beginning as an inflammation of the gum accompanied by toothache, or as inflammation of the peridental membrane, it gradually extends to the periosteum, along which the process advances until a large part of the bony covering of the jaw is aff"ected. 1.5 - fiir Eitern, Erzicber, flrzte und Kiinstlcr.