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    “Weigh less. Live stronger.”  That’s the motto at DeNovo Clinic, where technicians offer a variety of programs that support health and wellness.  DeNovo Clinic helps each person achieve their weight-loss goals through a combination of dieting and high-tech treatments. In addition, they also offer Viora Reaction applications to perform skin-tightening treatments that help skin look firmer and tighter and overall more youthful and vibrant.  Maybe you have just a few pounds of baby weight to lose or you might have been struggling with weight your entire life.  Perhaps you have an inflexible work environment, complexities at home or you simply cannot afford the time to focus at any length on yourself to have a measurable weight-loss impact.  If that’s the case,  DeNovo has a response to the habits and stressors in your life that create road blocks to weight-loss. Thousands of clients both men and women with impossible odds have experienced successful weight-loss they did not believe could happen for them.


    9330 W. Sahara, #250
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
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