This Caravan, after visiting the southern-most portion of the Province at Yarmouth country, returns to travel along the east coast, through Guysboro county, and finally ends the trip at Halifax. One organization concentrates its efforts upon the production of a supply of pure milk; a second popularizes fly-swatting or the elimination of the mosquito. The formula and technic for use as given bv Black are as follows: Liquor ammonia be administrated as an enema; the effect is said to be greatly enhanced by a hypo dermic injection of Ic.c. Hancock recommends a careful examination before instituting this treatment, so as to be sure there is no irremediable pelvic tumor, in which case the treatment is, of course, contraindicated. In illustration of some of these points, and especially of the statement that the products of gastric digestion have the power of solutions combining with more hydrochloric cent, hydrochloric acid to completely saturate the proteid matter. There are some eosinophile cells but they are rather rescue shrunken looking and by no means as distinct as in some normal glands. WTiere considerable undercutting of ala, lip and cheek is necessary, the subsequent flattening and boardlike immobility of the nostril can be avoided by the insertion of tinfoil between the soft parts and periosteum. Ophelia nursed the breast and would eat articles of permanent food put in her hands, but could not handle a teaspoon. The general view of the function of the bile day in the absorption of fat from the intestine has been that it dissolves the fatty acids formed and emulsifies the fats and that its action is therefore simply physical.

In fact, he wrote a letter to your reviews contemporary deprecating the tone of the correspondence that had been published and the state of tension among dermatologists, as well as pointing out that, in his opinion, there was room for the new society and no occasion for rivalry. The birds rose almost together and hovered for a moment over the ruins, as if to get their bearings (really). Let not ours be the present Act, so as to give greater protection to the rights of qualified practitioners; but of what use would such protection be, if, while we make that clause more stringent, we open another and a wider door directions for the entrance of the purchasers of foreign diplomas? I have dwelt thus long on the proposed admission of foreign diplomas, because I think the question of vital importance, and equally concerning the public and ounselves. His reeson for so doing, was that he viewed his case as hopeless, and wished to improve carefully the small refitmint of life which he supposed was allotted' him.

On vertiginous sensationSy as well as vertiginous movement.

She nad never suffered from loss of blood, and was very well until the preceding March, when she suffered from pain ana swelling in the abdomen, wnich in a week laid her up, and she has never since been well.


The court was sciences unpaved, and had a good deal of filth lying about.

Geoffry Saint Hilaire, I have sought carefully in a dozen larynges, this tendon without obtaining it; we may conclude that this tendon seldom exists, which is sufficient to destroy the theory of M.

He is also of opinion, that the acid is carried in an undecomposed state through the circulation, When antiphlogistics, local depletion, and a cautious use of mercury, have failed in affording rehef, Dr. He had supposed, for instance, that work the jurymast was new when he first employed it, but had been shown this evening that he was mistaken. Yet it is a fact that while the ordinary machine is oiled, cleaned and cooled and kept in the most careful repair, the human machine is expected to run day in and day out with no particular care on the part of the employer that this delicate mechanism shall be kept in constant repair. Some of these are: Making and selling wallpaper; polishing brass and nickel; finishing cut-glass; holding lead-covered nails while shingling; working with aluminium foil in lithography; wrapping cigars in tinfoil; enameling bath tubs; stopping holes in wood with white lead; assembling and recharging storage batteries; diamond cutting; painting and printing trades. In an animal so operated upon, after recovery was complete, solid food, as meat, was completely mdt digested when taken in small quantities at a time. Upwards of thirty per cent, physically applied unfit.

In this way a commission may grow to realize the value of a"visiting housekeeper" whose services have been paid for and lent by an auxiliary. We may briefly summarize, however, all that is necessary for us to consider here in the statement that the pure isolated ferments are far more sensitive to does the destructive action of heat than when they are present in their natural secretions. Burtoti, the surgeon of the fiag-ship on the African station, it appears, that the number of deaths among the Europeans in the squadron has for several years past been gradually diminishing, until it has come down to an equality with that observed on the more healthy stations. Her chin seemed to be held firmly in the by region of the chest at the level of the fourth button of her dress.