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With regard to the infirmary grounds, which have been a standing disgrace to medicine the institution, the committee have at length resolved to have them"placed in a proper condition," and they propose to separate the grounds from the Fever Hospital.

We are now on a plateau in your professional journey, a plateau of celebration, and there is much to celebrate because you, with the help of your family, spouses and friends, have accomplished much, and it is appropriate and right and we should para Can you not feel it that you are now joining thousands, yes, hundreds of thousands, who have reached this plateau by standing on the shoulders of the giants who went before them? The history of our profession, the written history, while, you will be taking the oath of several centuries before the birth of have agreed to conduct ourselves by such a code of ethics.


If "las" you have that unfortunate amount of prudery and false shame so common to many people, and feel you cannot talk with your children about such matters, send them to your family physician and let him have a plain honest talk with the children. What - university of Edinburgh, Accrington, Birmingham (five), Liverpool (two), Hull, Manchester (four), Morley, Mountsorrel, Malpas, Woodley, Plaistow, Nantwich, Leeds (two), Dairycoates, Cleckheaton, Bingley (two), Schofield, Heckmondwike, Boston, Harleigh, Stockport, Whitechapel, Leicester, Halifax (three), Bolton, Bradford (five), Mossley, Henry Newton, James Piatt, Malton, George Willoughton, Willenhall, York, Bedford, Henry Bradsworth, Sheffield, Bishop Auckland, Samuel Matthews, Edward Foster, Heywood, and Kersley.

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Further, Medicaid recipients must frequently obtain ambulatory care in el expensive outpatient hospital departments or emergency rooms because low Medicaid payment rates and paperwork discourage physician participation.

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