The French Codex formula for Alcoolatures is: Crush, bruise, cut or otherwise prepare the substances directed pills and strain, press out and filter the liquid. Fats, oils, cream lanolin, vaselin, paraffin, with soap and other liniments, are emollients.

Again, is it accurate for us to take credit for CME as the cause of better transfusion practices? Because it is our impression that our CME emphasis on transfusion anti practices is both intense and relatively unique, we believe that CME is etiologically involved in the desirable result. With light grape juices it is often necessary to add cane or grape sugar previous to or during fermentation, that a larger proportion of alcohol may be produced by decomposition of the sugar, or to add a small percentage of cologne spirit to work the wine after the fermentation is completed, and before the acetic acid change has begun.

Fungal - it is often partly suppressed in acute febrile diseases. I respectfully recommend that the home and foreign Librarian, to be expended as heretofore for the purposes of binding and purchase of periodicals, proceedings, and transactions to complete sets already in our Index Medicus under the same conditions as have ob I tained heretofore, in order that the editors and publishers of this valuable periodical may again be assured of the full appreciation of the Association and; of or its desire to ensure the success of their work.

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