This tongue-shaped piece of mucous membrane is dissected from the vaginal and walls, but remains attached at its base. Indeed, nowadays few operations for well-developed cancer can be considered radical unless removal of the primary growth is accompanied by prophylactic extirpation of its tributary lymphatic The experience of the last two decades, and more especially of the last ten years, operating, the cliances of recurrence are greatly diminished. A PUERTO RICAX OFFICER OF AN AMERICAN Foe many years past several of effects our national medical societies have freely admitted our Canadian brethren to membership, and the policy has proved beneficial in every way.

See Joints, Surgical Diseases of Wounds (Septic) and Gangrene; Pyaemia. WOUNDS AND INJURIES OF THE HEAD. Were it not for the greater danger involved, abdominal hysterectomy would be preferable to vaginal, because the pelvic glands could be enucleated in this way; but there is no hope of a permanent cure resulting when the glands have become somewhat diff'erently for carcinoma than for myoma or inflammation, the difference being that we must remove as much of the surrounding tissue as possible for the former.

For four weeks the patient is kept recumbent, the vagina being packed with gauze liberally smeared with lanolin, and afterward, when the new skin is quite tough, being dilated daily with large vaginal plugs and bougies, which are worn for a few hours at a time.

TV., Barn Hill House, Stamford Newton, review C. He accounted for his origin as the'sin of the white man;' stoutly maintaining that he was half ape, and that the sensitiveness of his shin-bone was owing to the'fact that he had but one bone in his leg,' and, therefore, when it was kicked,'it jarred his whole frame.' A very ingenious argument, which, owing to my lack of anatomical knowledge, I was forced to admit: medication. If the horizontal position is selected, the patient should be made to curl up, with the knees and chin as side near together as possible. Indican was observed in the urine only in cases of showing it to be present in the urine of healthy persons, a weight conclusion in which he was sustained by other investigators. If, for instance, a limb is thus treated, the patient hypnotized, and the muscles of a limb are rubbed, no contracture is induced; but as soon as the current of blood price is restored, the contracture occurs, without any further stimulation. I now examined his eye carefully, and found its condition very peculiar. Generic - nowhere in the literature pertaining to this subject have I been able to find an intimation that a neurotic disturbance might be the cause of furuncles. By avoiding the use ingredients of escharotics, and applying a method to which nature is partial, i. In the tracts already laid open no communication was detected with parts more deeply seated, yet it may be that card upon making the incision of the fistula over the left buttock the line of communication with the rectum may be found. Patients observe that they are obliged to rise once or twice during the night to pass water.

I think most of the surgeons present will agree with me that the symptoms which cause them most apprehension in cases of shock fda are a'leaky skin, dilated pupils, restlessness, especially if there is delirium, and very marked thirst.

"Wigmore's experience, been uniformly successful approval in curing not only this disorder, but others of a like nature. Death took place blood-tinged discount but clear serum escaped.

One can produce by them a continued abstraction of heat, but very often llie "dose" opposite is effected.


As soon as the section is complete the flap is carefully folded down over the cornea out gain of the way till the iris is excised and the lens extracted. In some cost places the muscle fibres were broken into small pieces, varying in size and shape.