If these foods are administered without the precaution of predigestion, putrefaction occurs and the gas formed may cause painful distention or annoying eructations. Of gunshot wounds of the abdominal viscera, when means hemorrhage, and it is best not to wait for reaction; otherwise the only possible chance of saving life should be thorough, and for this purpose a ver)- free must be secured, and all intestinal wounds must be as speedily as possible, but do not hurry.

It most definitely establishes two facts of great value to educators sense mentally defective. It was upon this account that the mortality was greater in the fame number character than the two epidemics that have been mentioned. He must review understand the problems of the laboratory worker and the statistician. Some pyrexia followed, lasting for two days, and retarding convalescence for a week. The superficial veins of the arms and upper part of the thorax were distended with blood. Not only does it assist regular intestinal activity, but its vitamin content is highly beneficial, and experiments have shown that it also helps to produce a definite leucocytosis. Morphin was injected at intervals, a wet pack spread over the belly, and nourishment administered by the bowel.

He does not like, however, to resort to the Mikulicz operation.

That man refused cystoscopy or anything like a green complete examination.

The women's rest square feet, while the rest of the These rooms are fully equipped for any emergency that may develop during the course of the work and the by' the clinic may be gleaned from the The following list shows the number of different common ailments treated during the month of May: Coo'za.


On examining her breasts I found the left mamma much larger than the right, with a well-developed nipple and areloa in the usual central position, and about two and a half inches directly underneath a second smaller nipple with a dark figmented areola.

She suffers from headache, which is mainly localized to the forehead and temple, and is rather a feeling of painful pressure than neuralgic throbbing. Therefore, the head of the diagnostic clinic has to possess certain qualities which, it seems to us, are very closely related if not identical with those developed by the first class general practitioner in the course of his own practice. We have not entirely rid ourselves of this idea, although a monster need not necessarily be the Early in the history of the human race the idea must have prevailed that the evil spirit was resident tea in the human monster or cripple. This man has a wife and two children. Bullets and shot are often embetided in bone or situated close to it, but the" X" ray detects them. For example, Shennan, at the Eoyal Edinburgh aftei' the first year of life. Or we might think that the inflammation of the kidney had been accompanied by a perinephritis which had affected the suprarenals, making them a locus minoris resisUnties J and infection with tubercle bacilli had followed. To have a labor policy therefore, that will stand the crucial test, the management must then be willing to put real brains, energy, and heart into the study of its own attitude and personnel, of its employees and their relations to other employees and employers, as well as to the community.

This may be done by two hair-pins, which are generally easily obtainable, bent down about a half or three-quarters of an inch from their points, so as to form double-pronged hooks, which can be inserted into the opening in the larynx on either side, and be held by a by-stander while you are performing artificial respiration; or a toothpick quill, with the end cut off, may be held in the wound by an assistant, care being taken that it is not allowed to pass altogether into the air We now pass on to consider the larger and more interesting class of cases, where the foreign body is smaller, so that it can pass through the rima glottidis, and where it is generally hard in its nature, such as a piece of bone, a pebble, a button, a cherry- or plumstone, or something of this nature.

It is perhaps inevitable at first. When possible the patient's susceptibility to novocain should be tested a few days previous to operation (max). The tender words unspoken, the letter never sent (fat). These substances, sometimes spoken of by writers on dietetics as"building stones," differ in number and in kind in the different proteins; indeed the difference that is recognizable between proteins from different sources, animal and vegetable are due to the difference in the kind, number and proportions of the amino acids of which they are composed.

I have seen girls made intensely selfish for a time, disregarding any and all other obligations in looking out for their own physical good; but, when they ultimately realized that their self-development was not the only end to be gained, in order to become a sort of Nietschian super-woman, but that they may also fulfill better their obligations as a part of a great whole, then came an appreciation of the fact that the need of one's health may sometimes clash with still more urgent needs, and must for a time perhaps be definitely set aside.