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    vw2 Let Findlay North VW be your Las Vegas area new Volkswagen and used car dealer.  At Findlay North Volkswagen, their sales, service and parts departments are among the highest ranked in the country for customer satisfaction.  Test drive a new 2014 Jetta or TDI Clean Diesel.  No matter if you’re looking for a new VW or used car in Las Vegas, Henderson or the Nevada desert, visit  Findlay North Volkswagen.  Findlay knows Volkswagen owners are passionate about the brand.  Whether it’s a classic air-cooled vehicle or the current water-cooled line, Findlay Volkswagen has something for almost everyone.  When you buy a Volkswagen you become part of a family.  It’s not uncommon to see a Volkswagen owner flashing a “V” or peace sign to another Volkswagen owner.  And Findlay Norths knows how important it is to make that dream of driving off in that special vehicle become a reality.


    7500 W Azure Dr
    Las Vegas, NV89130
    (702) 982-4800
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