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Investigation has shown that, under antitoxin treatment, seventy-three per; cent, of operative cases of laryngeal diplitheria recovered, and that only thirty-nine per cent, dog of cases so treated required operation; while under calomel there were only twenty-seven per cent, of recoveries, and ninety per cent, required intubation.


As to antiseptics I consider carbolic acid the best for all-around work, though for certain purposes, especially for cleansing the hands of the surgeon and the field of operation the bichloride of female mercury is perhaps better. Let's define what we mean dogs by market pricing. This remedy was first advocated for pregnancy the purpose named, by Landarer, some eleven years ago, on the conception that it antagonizes the development of tuberculosis by causing reactive inflammation about the unvascularized tubercles. If the eye is perfectly constructed vitamin it sees distant objects without any effort whatever, and is at perfect rest except when looking at objects close to it. After the colt has been taught to drive single, the breeching and traces should be attached and arranged so there will be no flapping and the colt to hitched up with a reliable but quick acting horse. Stme: It is also true he hormone put us to enormous expense and trouble; but I submit we should dismiss all that from our minds on the present occasion. More than twenty years ago, in a discussion before one of the medical societies here, a Jeffersonville doctor made the claim that malaria and was propagated by mosquitoes. If the abscess is opened freely, and the appendix is felt in the bottom of the abscess, even then in some instances in separating adhesions the protecting wall saw is destroyed and infection of the peritoneal cavity may result. The name"abscess of "losing" the lumbar general causes (infectious perinephritis) and to local causes (perinephritis by extension). Of limiting the patient to milk with white of egg we have recently seen most valuable "stress" results follow the administration of egg boiled just long enough to take away its raw taste and yet not to harden the white. Whether these "how" views are correct or not it is difficult at this time to judge finally. One of his comrades, whose father was a physician loss at fiienne, invited Haller to accompany him home for the holidays. When the disease has so extended that such a radical operation would be pills necessary, you would simply resect the diseased tissues, and would never entirely remove the disease. Not a single cubic centimetre of air could be drawn into the lungs of the dead-born child by manipulations of the body after the methods advanced by Byrd, Schroeder, low and Dr.