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    Hakkasan has become one of the most coveted and successful nightlife concepts ever conceived at the MGM Grand.  The Clubs modern chic interior translates traditional Chinese motifs into contemporary interior design, creating stunning, ultra sophisticated yet fashionable environments.  New to its brand, its the first ever Hakkasan Nightclub, a bold evolution of the prestigious brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience offering patrons top musical talent across so many genres.  Hakkasan perpetually attracts international following of trendsetters, taste makers and celebrities, making for one of the most vibrant and memorable experiences you’ll have on the Strip.  Hakkasan’s sense of style is timeless, a global fan base that appreciate only the best in design, nightlife and cuisine.

    Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an entrance enveloped in shades of blue signature to the brand, ambient sounds, scents and lighting, creating a relaxed atmosphere.  Located on the first level is the main dining area and by creating intimate dining spaces within the main room while still sharing the mood of the entire dining area.  At the heart of the restaurant is the kitchen headed by Michelin-starred Chef Ho Chee Boon and his team of highly skilled wok and dim sum chefs.  Hakkasan has classics created such as Stir-fried black pepper rib–eye beef with Merlot, and Roasted silver cod with Champagne and honey.  Accompanying the menu is an extensive selection of internationally and locally produced wines and cocktails.  Book your reservations today or stop on by to enjoy the Night Life!

    MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
    Hakkasan Las Vegas

    3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

    (702) 891-3838


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