Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center

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    Anthony-Nikko-MD Defining beautiful bodies and healthy skin is Dr. Nikko’s philosophy.  With more than ten years of experience in cosmetic surgery and dermatology, Dr. Nikko offers the highest quality of care combined with the latest advances in medicine.  Dr. Nikko chose to specialize in dermatology because it allows him to use his visual skills to diagnose and treat skin conditions.  Traveling all over the world for his extensive training, Dr. Nikko has been able to perfect his cosmetic and skin techniques and discover the newest advances.  From east coast to west coast, Dr. Nikko’s broad education includes clinics and studies in Stanford, San Diego, New York, Utah and Japan.  He is known as the scar-less doctor and innovator of many cosmetic techniques in Houston.  Enhancing your beauty is his specialty!  Dr. Nikko performs numerous surgical procedures not only to cosmetically enhance but also to achieve a natural, youthful look without jeopardizing the beauty of the skin.



    1001 West  Loop S
    Ste 813
    Houston, TX 77027

    (713) 960-1311

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