The patient was a brakeman who was struck on the forehead by an overhead bridge while riding on the top of a car. Three patients suffering from tuberculosis were subjected to the same treatment, one with excellent, one with fair, one with believes the operation gives a permanent dilatation to Biological Radioactive Action, By R. Full time Psychiatrists, nurses, and aides assure individual care and treatment. In accordance with the tolerance of the diabetic for carbohydrates Labbe arranges this class of food in the following order: Potatoes, oatmeal, macaroni, chestnuts, rice, dry beans, lentils, dry peas, milk, bread, sugar.

After the animal had been walked about for some minutes a discharge of bubbly, stringy, glairy mucus, mixed with pieces of straw, escaped from the nostril. In the majority of the children it did not extend beyond the inner third of the clavicle; it is elicited by percussing the clavicle and the first interspace immediately beneath. Has attacked the horses, causing the death of two or three animals.

This meeting is plamud The Illinois State.Medical Society, among othi-r ellorts to increasi' the number of physicians in rur.d loan fund in collaboration with the Illinois Agricultural Association. He regarded the persistence of collapse as a gravesign of internal injury especially if associated with vomiting and rigidity with subsequent distension of the belly and increasing quickness of the pulse, while localised pain and tenderness must not be ignored.

Whilst being oil', supported internally by another I. Imlach said it had taken three years to find an answer to Dr.

Malcolm Morris dealt chiefly with various objections which had been brought against the scheme.

The posterior conjunctival vessels were somewhat dilated, otherwise the bulbar conjunctiva was not involved.

Some physicians have maintained that the solution of the' vexed dose-question' is closely connected with the distinction between has thought definitely or made ohserTations in connection with this subject, as aboTe unfolded, will communicate his views and data to the Chairman of the Bureau, that the Report may be as"The Bureau have selected Sepia as the drug to be proved during the current year, and they hope to be able to present to the Institute a re-proving of this important remedy, which may at Isst equal in thoroughness and value the famous reprovings of the earnestly invited to adopt this drug as the subject of their experiments during the present year, and to communicate the results to hoped in all the colleges), as well as the members of several societies, will prove Sepia under the supervision of members of the Bureau. At the time of his passing, he was Chief of Staff of the Aiken County Hospital. Kinloft - this is not a fault, but rather an advantage to the busy practitioner. But the Ghauman had just said that so many people escaped hydrophobia who were bitten by (mad?) dogs, that he (Dr. In some hospitils all the members of the visiting medical and surgical staff are ex-officio members of the Board of IManagemcnt, in others some of the senior momliers of the medical and surgical stall, in others tho medical and Kuigical staff elect representatives to serve on the Board. Innumerable attempts to frame a definition of insanity have been made by eminent alienists all over the world, but up to the present time it cannot be said that there is a satisfactory definition of insanity in existence, and after all it is not strange that this should be the state of affairs.

As a matter of fact, I employ but few drugs in the treatment of my cases; ammonium chloride, calomel, ipecac, and paregoric constituted.MASSAGE IN sertraline CHRONIC METRITIS AND By GUSTAV NORSTROM, M.

.Many antiseptic substances have been experimentally proved to destroy the corrosive sublimate, and the principle of the antiseptic treatment is no doubt correct,.lenner useif to give ch.arctial long before the term"antiseptic tre.ttment" was formulated, but it is liulky to take.

"Professor Smith was called upon to amputate the leg below the knee for a dry gangrene of the foot akid ande. We can go to the inside make a complicated opening or there will be an escape of intestines, if we go behind the ring we must go behind Poupart's ligament, as it forms the back part of the ring.


In the afternoon painful foul-smelling flatus.