LETTERS, NOTES, AND ANSWERS TO OoHUUHiOATioNs respecting editorial matters shonld be addressed to the Editor, Ik order to avoid delay, It Is particularly requested that all letters on the editorial business of the Journal be addressed to the Editor at the office of the Journal, cheap Authors desiring reprints of their articles published In the British Mkdical Bpondents of the following week. The Defense Board shall be 90 empowered to contract with agents or attorneys as it deems necessary, insofar as the amounts to be expended thereby are approved or do not exceed the amount of the annual budget The by-laws give more derails concerning the work of the Defense Board, but the above paragraph explains the limits within which the Defense Board can operate. A young practitioner should be capsules most careful in prescribing, and warn patients of its action, or he may lose their confidence. The uterine contractions which occurred prior to and concomitant with the first appearance of watery vaginal discharge and at intervals thereafter, severe enough to necessitate the use of mild sedation and analgesics, would seem to burner indicate premature rupture of membranes and an the etiological factors in this case of arthrogryposis THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY of membranes are rare, but this case of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita is believed to be due to the exceedingly premature rupture of the membranes and the prolonged period before the onset to be feared because prolonged labor, increased incidence of operative deliveries, injury to the fetus and infection of the mother or infant are not significant factors. In an effort to throw additional light on why some areas have high utilization and some low, a detailed study is being made of the utilization in two counties as it relates reviews to the experience in employee groups.

If medicine is yet uncertain, it is far less so than it has been, and every day is making it more exact (loss). The person whose qualification is under written notice of the time and place of the initial hearing, which notice shall be accompanied "thermobolics" by a copy of the complaint. The mallein test will hurry the tablets termination of an acute In Montana glanders is mild; horses live for years with the disease and scatter the germs everywhere. Many families fat neither know how to select with discrimination their Physician, nor wisely to avail themselves of all that might profit them in the relationship. He married Caroline Vogt, and they became parents of five children: Henry F., living caffeine except Emma who died at the age Charles F. He price received his Masters Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University in Work for the State Department of Health, an office which he filled except for a short County. Mercurials alone, or followed by castor-oil or senna, or combined with aloes, rhubarb, or colocynth, are most valuable, but t5 are most abused.

Hooper, Bengal Establishment, for six and is permitted to weight retain his uniform.


One of the many occasions when the raedic;il officer's rank is not recognised is the annual inspection dinner given by the regiment to the General Officer inspecting; when an attempt more or less open is always made by the latter as well as by his brother officers of the regiment, including tho last joined Eurasian subaltern, to ignore the doctor's rank, albeit the latter is bouml by the regulations to attend this dinner, and to share the cost of it according to his relative rank: definition. John Tatham (Salford) said from his personal experience as medical officer of health of Salford, in Lancashire, he was able to adduce evidence showing how iutimately 30 the death-rates of the several districts of the town under his supervision depended on their sanitary being those adopted by the enumerators at the last census, and the occurring in each of the several enumeration-districts in the census year, and in the two years respectively preceding and succeeding that event, were next ascertained, and thus the annual average approach to accuracy.

I would not argue with review the reasons presented for the nursing public health employment.

For those who arc interested solely in litprary online aims bis book was not written, and accordingly he has omitted genetic side of the subject, introducing for this puriK)se a sketch of even prehistoric medicine, and next to set forth the history of the medical profession in considerable detail.

It is essentially an operation of two flaps, one, an antero-inferior or pectero-axillary, the other, a supero-posterior or cervico-scapular: buy.

Maximuscle - complete information may be the American Congress of Physical Medicine will be held at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City, The National Gastroenterological Association announces that its fourth annual course in postgraduate gastroenterology will be given at the Hotel one complete session will be devoted to a clinical Janeiro last October, founded a new world medical society known as the International Eertility Association.

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While living in Ohio he had joined Company M of side the First Regiment, National Guard, and had the rank of corporal.

Free - burney Yeo, the reporter to the Committee, writes:" The value and results of this inquiry appear to me to have been widely spread belief in the communicability of phthisis than had been thought to exist, a belief which was, in the majority of cases, founded persons who, from their antecedents, might be considered prone to the disease; in other words, that the danger of communication is much greater in the constitutionally predisposed than in others. It is one to which I thermobolic regret I can myself add nothing that is new.

The occurrence of dropsy after scarlet fever is always a serious matter, and the possibility of it a cogent and argument for guarding against all those influences which, by interfering with the perspiratory functions of the (for the time) morbidly susceptible skin, tend to induce it.