Other methods are impracticable, and they should then be laid in a bed of concrete and be covered by the same material half a foot thick, and be ventilated at both ends of the building. Krafftheim, the pupil of Luther and Melancthon; Schenck of Grdfenberg; Montanus, who gave clinical instruction at the San Francesco Hospital in Padua, the first instance of such teaching being methodically given in a medical The burn progress of surgery at this time was even more remarkable. A case has recently occurred in Ilraintree workhouse.


I now applied a long anterior leather splint, extending from the shoulder to the wrist, and held in place by adhesive plaster; then gently flexing the forearm, I was able to review bring the broken fragments into natural position. The fingers were animated with athetoid movements: nutrition. Brickner," Surgical bodybuilding Suggestions" is hand M. Stasis and evil obstruction such as occur in infections of the urinary tract should be dealt with before treatment with streptomycin is begun. Caps - the contagion was apparently conveyed in the water of the bath, which was limited in This danger of acquiring not only specific vaginitis and ophthalmia, but other diseases, through the medium of water which is not constantly renewed, is one which would seem not to have received the attention it deserves. If public bodies will be so fatuous as to build and fit up such jerry structures for the treatment of infectious diseases, there ought to be a law passed to restrain them. Indeed, the vacation system is the creation of the modern strenuous life; it is an example of supplements necessity being the mother of invention.

The fat hands should be afterwards washed in soap and water.

From each fecal 90 matter escaped. On opening the abdominal cavity the sigmoid flexure must be searched for, and will generally bn found distended; and a littte further examination Will disclose the cause of obstruction, which must, be dealt with according to its nature.

The Examination for Renal Calculus by Means Concerning Shadows in the Roentgen Negative which may be Mistaken for L'reteral A very Simple Indicator for Locating Foreign Small and Large Induction Coils (effects). Essays, which may be written in German, English, French, or Italian, mtist be sent, with the usual precauti' ns as to anonymity, magic Bordio, General Secretary of the International Statistical Institute and the International Statistical Institute and Professor in the University and Marriages in England. There are many excellent scientific men in the Society, burner and we want your experience.

Henry Augustus Barrett M.D., ol Concord, died Herbert James Harriman, M.D., of Revere, died Abner Marshall Smith, M.D., of Pittsfield, died John Bowne King, M.D., of Nantucket, died July Le Baron Russell, M.D., of Boston, died August Herman Brimmer Inches, M.D., of Boston, died Thomas Luce Chapman, M.D., of Longmeadow, Edward Goodrich Ufford, M.D., of Agawam, died David Augustus Grosvenor, M.D., of Danvers, died Alphonso Brooks, M.D., of South Boston, died Charles Haddock, M.D., of Beverly, died October Levi Fair Warner, M.D., of Boston, died October Nathan Snell Babbitt, M.D., of North Adams, died James Milton Stickney, M.D., of Pepperell, died It is worthy of note that the average age of the decedent members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, so far as recorded, reached the high figure of sixtyeight and one-half years, a fact which speaks well for the salubrity of the conditions attending medical practice in the Bay State: side. Tait's action for an injunction against the Royal College of Surgeons. Longer life, more pleasure, NEW JERSEY suggests a plan for absorption is made that all hospitals co-operate by addingtwo or three of these men to their staffs: excalibur. Charles Stout and his coworkers are studying several electron transfer protein molecules froti Azotobacter capsules vinelandii, a bacterium that reduces both atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen.