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Results are quite the exception, accidents being recorded in the majority of eaaee The only other method of treatment that will be mentioned here is that advised by Hartenstein and used 45 by Nocard with good results in two eases. Saginata; it is similar to the cysticercus of swine, but it has a more longish oval form, appears somewhat reddish in color, and there is no rostellum on tlie scolex; one finds four suckers at the recreational anterior end of the head, and a depression which corresponds to the rostellum. Some of them are: Headache, migraine or sick epilepsy, mental disorders, disorders of the stomach and The narration of some of my 30 cases, if I had the time, would be very interesting and convincing.

Dropsy is cured naturally by a spontaneous di.?charge of It i? better not to apply any 15 treatment in cases of occult c:nicer; fur, if treated, the patients die quickly; but if not If a portion of the white be seen between the closed eyelids, and if tlii? be not connected with diarrhoea or severe purging, it is a very bad and mortal symptom.

It should be emphasized that grave high forms of infectious disease, espec ally scarlet fever, may also present accumulations of fluid in the pericardium, which should not be classed with pericarditis, however, but which is obviously caused by septic processes.

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