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Having paid some attention to this subject many years ago, I had come to the conclusion, from inquiries made when travelling both in hot and in cold countries, that a considerable difference as to the age actually exists, although that difference is not so great as most physiological and oral other writers have stated it to be; and I am convinced that it is partly owing to the difference in the constitution of tlie several dark and white races of the catamenia; and which, perhaps, in other or opposite constitutions and temperaments, tend to delay or to suppress altogether this discharge, by weakening or exhausting the undeveloped sexual organs. ) The mineral waters of Daumas (C.) Lettre critique sur la pretendue action dissolvaute et fluidifiante des br eaux de Vichy, cousiderees.sous les rtipports clinique et therapeutiiiue, specialement dans les maladies Etude medicale sur les eaux minerales de Fremont (V.) Action de I'eau de Vichy sur Vichy, a sketch of their chemical aud physical characters, and of their efficacy in the treatment.