Our Cause

Our cause is to bring as much awareness to Breast Cancer as possible, with over 2000 men being treated every year for Breast Cancer in the United States and over 300000 new cases of Breast Cancer against women we need to wake the world up. Our Cause is to get every woman, man, child in the world to mention pinkmail and Breast Cancer in the same breath, bringing awareness to this worthy cause ."Spread The Word About Pinkmail.org" and lets Beat Breast Cancer Together!

Pinkmail is a FREE email system that is designed to bring awareness to BREAST CANCER every time a user sends and receives emails , it's designed to raise money for BREAST CANCER every time a user clicks on the ads in the emails being sent and received without costing the users anything. Our Cause is to use Pinkmail.org to eliminate,destroy,and advance awareness of Breast Cancer worldwide. Even men are being touched by BREAST CANCER these days and most people in the world have been touched in one way or another. NOW you have the chance to do something for this worthy cause, just sign up for a FREE email account today and start using Pinkmail email system for your daily on line usages. It's FREE To Use!!!!!! Why use any other email system.... sign up today.

Be sure to Help the cause further by telling everyone you know about Pinkmail.org text them, email them, tweet them help the cause of BREAST CANCER by getting the word out about our FREE email system.