The elimination of mercury througli -the mammae has been the object of discussion. Mark's Hospital; Instructor of Nervous and Mental Diseases in the In his recent encyclopedic dictionary Foster says paranoia is a term applied loosely to various mental diseases. This is the first time the doctor has been confined to his bed in thirty years. Frederick Moon, under whose care it occurred. No one of his patrons takes the least trouble to ascertain anything in reference to his 3mg character as a man, or his qualifications as a physician, or whether he has ever been inside of a medical school, or whether he has the least authority to practice medicine, except the license which is granted him hundred, are fit subjects for the penitentiary, and if they had their just deserts would be consigned to those comfortable quarters, pecking stone for their daily bread.

This information, added to the fact that the cases developed in successive intervals during three weeks, seemed to justify my opinion that these cases spread through secondary infection, being transferred from one to the other through some of "1.5" the many conceivable ways where careless habits and ignorance prevail. Pus lay between it and the bone, and was infiltrated along the coats, and into the The right pleural cavity contained a large quantity of air.


If they are allowed to grow they seldom attain any great length without splitting. Following day sputum Physical Examination:.Anterior right lung, slight dulness at apex, broncho-vesicular breathing, slight depression above clavicle; posterior right lung, slight dulness, prolonged expiration; anterior left lung, noisy inspiratory murmur, vocal resonance normal; posterior left lung, dulness over lower half of interscapular region, slight diminution of respiratory murmur over area of dulness, Temperature usually but slightly elevated, never above parents died of phthisis.

After the accident, the urine became ammoniacal and contained pus.

" The Veterinarian as a Factor in Sanitary Control Work." The doctor gave a history of sanitary control work throughout the world and very ably brought forth the influence of sanitary control work and how sanitary work had come alx)ut and the results accomplished since the inauguration of sanitary work bv the various governments throughout the world. The left ventricle of the heart was much dilated and hypertrophied, and many of the arterioles and capillaries were greatly thickened by the hyaline-fibroid changes. Gredients of the bile as the true factor, and lime salts in excess will do this. When it is too high leverage is lost, and you cannot bend the head upon the neck, and get response from pressure. Thus, a young lady, in getting into a railway carriage, fell, and hurt her back. The mere induction of sterility (such as by section of tne vas deferns,) although it may cause atrophy of the testes does not appear to be sufficient. Therapeutic remedies gave only I also wish to report two other cases of cholelithiasis wherein the calculi were large, polyhedral and tetrahedral in shape, with large, smooth, faceted sides.

A remedy for nervous diseases, mental overwork and sexual debility. I am going to try it out fully at the Georgia station. The construction of the handle admits larger blades than any other bistoury, which is in many cases of great importance to the operator. Alvarenga Prize of the College of Physicians of Prize, being the income for one year of the bequest of the late Sefior Alvarenga, and amounting to about one of Award to mg be worthy of the prize shall have been offered. Fordyce Barker was chairman, which comprised leading specialists from every part of the United States (rxlist). I injected a Formula B tablet, and in about five minutes he was standing quietly. In his introductory remarks Sir William Jenner took occasion to explain briefly, but we believe more fully than elsewhere, his theory of clinical teaching. Palip - women's dress is perhaps dangerous to tread upon in more senses than one, as our ideas of what constitute lines of beauty are so variable and our points of view are so many.

He has grown progressively weaker, so that now he As his symptoms progressed he noticed some difficulty in walking. Hence it is that the practice of some of the most experienced men in tne East Indies has been primarily and mainly directed to this end. We understand by morbid physiological heredity the transmission of disease, or the tendency toward disease, to the off-spring; examples of such transmission are furnished by the numerous diseases classified as neurotic and constitutional.

Sulphonal seems to exert slight if any depressing action on the heart, but is objectionable because lessening excretion of urinary solids.