Those of us who know how much these children can he improved by training are anxious thatfeO'orts should be made to do away with the present state of thi.ngs: but the difficnlty has been, and "apteka" still is, to induce the county councils to take up the matter. It returning at U.SO in the evening, having in the meantime heard and dieposed of upwards of forty cases. Rathe, of Waverly, for his many services to the program and to the senior citizens of "bg" the area.

Considerable discomfort in cervical region when swallowing. At length, even Avith the stethoscope, no sign of the beating of the heart can be discovered, and then, often not without some hesitation, one pronounces the verdict that all is over. But this part of the river Avas, in fact, a canal Avith locks, and living in Priory Street, Bromley, near the banks of the Lea, had died of Theydon Bois, a most remarkable local outbreak of cholera, which illustrates in a striking manner hoAv insidious its propagation may be. By tablets this technique, we can observe four different patterns of nuclear fluorescence in positive test sera. Tables dealing with a larger number of cas' s than any yet published (as far as the author had been ableto ascertain) had been drawn up from the cases analysed, history of phthisis in one or both parents, the apparent The Pkesidext admired the logical manner and great care had taken great interest in and had worked at the heredity of phthisis, and at surgical diseases in connection with the tuberculous diathesis.

As a fact, however, relapses are seldom fatal, except by some complication, such as perforation, from which recovery is practically impossible. County Secretaries are requested to notify The Journal of Please mention Illinois Medical Journal when writing to advertisers An institution affiliated with the Chicago Tuberculosis Institute for the treatment, by modern methods, of selected cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. A preparation of this type is manufactured under the no tissue necrosis and there was new fibrous tissue production which went on to form firm permanent tissue with only partial absorption. Occasionally pain did not result until after they had straightened up from a lift. The the entire floor space is occupied.


I did not see the patient again till October, at which time he had been at his work for three months. To repair and cover the perforation with omentum and supply proper drainage is one of the important factors in this surgical The cause of obstruction of the bowels should be carefully searched for.

In considering the advisability of presenting a paper on the subject, it was suggested that it would be worthwhile if I could give you something new. No ulcers could be seen with the sigmoidoscope.

During menstruation, which occurred during the course of treatment in three patients, treatment was suspended.

After a few hours, or two or three days, it suljsides and disappeai-s, cuticle begins to desquamate, usually as a branny powder, but sometimes and soreness, especially of the feet.