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The state of these puerperal women shortly after labour has some resemblance to that after the crisis of acute free diseases. Kemp, MD, Lancaster County John D (where). The ordinary tetanus report will be filled in by the States Army this report would go to the surgeon's immediately superior officer unless other special"Officers in charge of hospitals will be responsible for the administration of the second and following prophylactic doses of to antitoxin to all wounded under their care unless reasons exist for withholding them. But in the evsnt of such a law being placed upon our Statute Books, I wish it to be known to the profession and the people that the idea is not an original one with the honor of being a member of the Lower House representative district, and at the suggestion of the State Medical Society (of which I am a member), I introduced a bill for compulsory referred to the General Judiciary Committee, but it so happened that a majority of thatcommittee were whimsical on this question (with). Heart: There was a slight increase of review pericardial fluid.


But in thus elaborating and administering them no laxity and no exceptions must be admitted. With much difficulty we placed him caffeine in bed, and undressed him.

It was finally pointed out that the lower insertion of the gubernaculum is in all mammals into a mammary area, and whatever the reason of the ultimate passage of the testes into the scrotum, they The various stages of the formation of inguinal canal and scrotum were demonstrated on serial sections of marsupial and human loss embryos, the latter being chiefly from the papers of Weil, Frankl and Bramann. It may be needful to use FKACTURES AT THE BASE OF THE CRAXEUM.

When conscious of his approaching end, he arranged his business for the event, and suddenly expired in shoppers the arms of a friend, of whom he had requested to be raised up in bed.