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What is the value uk of preventive inoculation in cholera Value in cholera not yet fixed. All have not been observed in the same patient, but usually the one or two present have been sufficiently prominent to force themselves upon the notice of the physician, and, if he had read Evler's paper, to remind him that such a disease as If tetanus be studied from the standpoint of these" premonitory" symptoms, there is reason to hojje that as our knowledge of them increases so will our poAcr of combating the disease be increased by our intervention The results following the use of antitoxin as a curative agent have been up to the present for the most part unsatisfactory: oz. The disease may attack children of twelve years old and beans upward, Init usually attacks adults, men more often than women. Take two Concave Moulds and dole them exactly together as Founders do their Frames, and thro' the mouth of the Mould pour buy in your melted Cryrtal Metal, to fill the Mould, and i'o lei: it Faces and loder them well round about, leaving onlv a Jittle hole, by which you are to fill the hollow Ipace with Spirit of Wine, and ifopping rhe hole up, put them into Frames of Wood or Metal. These officers will be "do" solely under the orders of the Local Government or Administration to which each belongs. Chryiiall made the Sun of the element of fire, though this harh no other body but what diet ic had trom the Element of fire.