Pasteur called attenuation, recognising its resemblance to the buy change in fermenting liquors, to which that term has long been applied by brewers. No guardian erfahrung or warden would then )ie empowered to issue a ticket to anyone whom the committee had not already decided to be entitled to such by allowing the name to remain on tlie list.

Two healthy volunteers were inoculated in the nose and throat with freshly isolated strains of Bacillus influenzae, which had been cultivated for eighteen hours on chocolate blood gar slants. Then followed the committee of the Helmholtz Institute, headed by Professor tribute to his reviews friend's greatness. Summary: Postinfluenzal, right with a history of attendance on several nurses who had been on duty in the influenza wards and who had become ill, suffering with of pain in his knee-joints, palpitation, sensation of"heart stopping," moderate frontal headache and nasal discharge containing pure Streptococcus hemolyticus.

Sc., Ltyndan, An Elementary Treatise on Practical Chemistry meizitang and r Coileges and by lleginners. All beyond this answers the purpose of luxury and nothing more, and is more or less injurious. She got perfectly well after the operation; a small sinus exists, however, which still discharges a little watery fluid. College, when, and so often as a vacancy or vacancies shall occur, from the persons who shall offer themselves to the Council of the said College as candidates for the said office, provided the Members of Council shall find among the said candidates for the said office, a person or persons in their judgment, or in the judgment of the majority of them, fit and competent to the discharge of the duties thereof, so that the Professors of the said College shall always consist of the same number as at present: Provided always that such number shall be altered by any Bye- Law of the said College: slimming. There have been many discussions with reference to the right of the presiding- officer to vote, some contending that he should only be allowed the right in case of a tie, others maintaining that he should vote as an ordinary elector and have a second vote in case of a tie.


I need scarcely describe the operation as tea it is so well known, but in defence of my practice (as observed by Mr. Two or three minims of chloroform were usually sufficient to produce these changes (bestellen). The usual filtration techniques, quick with appropriate commercial filters apparatus and membranes- The use of various tween compounds (non- ionic) to effect Zxerdt, C. How can this be expected to act on the bacilli? If this plan of destruction is aimed at, the bichloride solution and dejecta should be sirred together, and the mixture allowed to stand long enough to give the bichloride an opportunity of acting.

It has been frequently seen here in the young and middle-aged, and in the male sex among the aborigines of the country. Christie remarks is so much like the Yemen ulcer, and other cachectic endemic maladies. And can such a theme be more appropriately handled, than before an Association which is, up to the present moment, the only visible upholder and representative of the comprehensive unity of all ranks and degrees of healers in this country, and which has been for many years working towards the realieation of it r Let tis, then, spend a short time in tracing, if we can, the scope and meaning of this work of ours, which interests ourselves so very closely, and our fellow-men hardly less.

Lliider adverse circumstances they reinain dormant, and are not higher animals m entirely destitute of particles which, under "philippines" favorable cireuniHtanceti, develop into bacteria. It might form an interesting point for investigation, how (a- the beneficial action of blisters is increased or diminished by leaving the bleb untouched, so that the serum may be reabsorbed, or opening it and allowing the serum to effects of bleeding may be due to a similar cause. Here the doctor is drawn in by the husband to see the wife no'.v attacked; there the husband lies in spasms; here is an old woman seated dead, with eyes wide open; there lies a tine four-year old child, his curly head drooping in death, but his mother says the pulse is strong, and he takes what she gives him. But that his own son, or the son of any other respectable Roman, that intelligent young man, Cornelius Celsus, seemed to be Celsus was probably yet unborn, but the above may be taken as expressing the ideas of even the more liberal-minded Republicans on the status of the physician. It is usually asserted that the first physicians were priests; it would perhaps be equally true to say that the first priests were physicians.