The author, who is Professor of Surgery in the College for Medical Practitioners, in St. There was a hard, nodular tumor, involving the whole head of the pancreas, surrounding the pylorus, but not involving it, for it was still slightly shrunken. This would not only explain the varicocele occurring in 2015 healthy men, but also the smaller varicocele in debilitating conditions, such as phthisis, or following pathological obanges in the testis.

As many more sutures as necessary may be taken through the pubic fascia and falciform process.

I have brought this matter before you rather with the object of calling your attention to it so that as many of you as think it desirable may try it in your practice, and either condemn or approve, as you are warranted by the results. People are told, that if they dip the leaft into medical knowledge, it will render them fanciful, and make them believe they"will feldom be the cafe with fenfible people: and, fuppofe it were, and a little more reading will infallibly ccrrecl: it. This class would include all strictly endemic diseases, since they cannot be carried at will to localities free from them. In the first place, the large size of the tumor makes it deserving of record, as there are comparatively few cases of recovery after removal of tumors of this character, weighing as much as forty pounds. Temperature in the month was there was a bsBmorrhagic stain of the lower edge of the sclerotic; death seemed imminent. At the present time, glycozone promises the best results, although I have met with very good results from the use of the peroxide in combination with glycerine. The force which rapidly expelled the child from the uterus, also drove it through the vagina so as to rupture the fascial covering to the muscles at the vaginal outlet. Three units of blood were used during the procedure.

The patient was treated with penicillin, diphtheria antitoxin, intravenous heparin and blood transfusions. She remained 2013 there two months. Teinture de Quinine Tinctura Rhei.

The treatment enabled her to pass those periods sometimes painlessly, and at oUiers with little, so that her health and general appearance greatly improved, and she was entirely relieved of those grave symptoms.

Several cases of aortic insufficiency were relieved of the more distressing symptoms by the same remedy. After recovering from the surprise incident to such a nomination, which I could only attribute to the President's tenderness of heart, I felt it my duty to bow without hesitation to his will and pleasure; not so much for r he honor done me, but mainly because I realized the many great advantages of this mode of discussion to the rank and file of the profes sion.


We regret that an obituary notice, which should have appeared in The Practitioner some months ago, was mislaid. From the sixth century till the present time it has been known as the"Bubo Plague." It is communicated only by continuous transmission and not directly from one individual to another. Indefinite pains through the pelvic region were soon followed by a tumor which developed quite rapidly up to the time I saw her, which was about two years after its first appearance.

Rarely is it necessary to use contrast material to aid "sigban" in the diagnosis of duodenal obstruction.

In an extremity A-V fistula, an increase in the size of the involved extremity may be associated with a palpable thrill and an audible bruit.

However if these studies are lujrmal, then the lymphangiogram will reflect 2012 only The congenital abnormalities in the lymphatic the lymphangiogram demonstrates aplasia of the lymphatic channels. Patient data is thus analyzed and sorted as Eventually, the computer shoidd arrive as well as the most relevant questions and procedures for diagnosis. D., Secretary, Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery and Clinical Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical weeks, and will be followed by a Spring Term of eight weeks.