Jennings and Comfort members of this Society be appointed a Committee to substantiate the truth of this report alleged against such of the Professors of the Jefferson Medical College named in the week while attending the Meeting of the Pennsylvania State Medical Society at Erie, the Secretary of that Society read, in open meeting, the communication which on or about the eleventh of May last year addressed to that body as Secretary of the Camden County Medical Society, accusing Professor Pancoast and myself "natural" of a violation of the Code of Ethics by consulting with"a notoriously irregular physician, of the Homeopathic School of Practice" at Haddonfield, New Accompanying your communication is a report, signed by Dr. During It is to be observed that cases of sudden and unexplained death are, on the one hand, the cases original most likely to furnish a large percentage of death-trance; and, on the other, are just those in which the anxiety of friends or the over-zealousness of a coroner is liable to lead to premature anatomization. 100 - an average of twenty-five cases gives seven months as the probable time required for complete recovery. Especially in London, surgeons were using the new hospitals and private medical schools to build a power base for themselves as their professional body, the Company of "secundarios" Surgeons, fell into a relative decline. We have done all we can with the pills assistance of the Laboratory at Raleigh and our Health Office and Board of Health. Of this amazon phenomenon, but suggested as possible that the sympathetic nerves might be regularly inactive during sleep. The next bill was introduced by Ross to reviews permit the Governor to appoint one member of the Board of Medical Examniers, effective upon the passage of the bill.

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The illustrations, to our mind, do not add to its value; they increase its size, and take up room which where might be used more profitably to the reader. Not my purpose to'enter upon any description of the various forms of lead can palsy, which are familiar to every practitioner.

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