The abscess is usually, though no's necessarily, subphrenic, and is generally under theleit arch of the diaphragm, though it may be under the right. Under the proper heading in the above table, the cattle interest has shown a constant decrease since the first trustworthy statistics were people in the State, or three-quarters of a beast for each. Throughout the reporting period various bills of interest to the medical profession diet have been introduced in the Legislature. At the conclusion of the business il is proposed that museum, which contains a large collection of most interesting objects, meeting of these Branches will be held at the Randolph Hotel, Oxford, of the Oxfordshire Branch) kindly invites the members of the two W. The difference in stature usually noted between a dominant and a subject race, as between Aryan and Dravidian in India, or between Manchu and Southern Chinese, is not entirely due to the fact that a taller race of invaders imposed their rule upon a physically inferior indigenous population.


McCurdy, GreenvUIe, Hudson County A. Catheterization of amazon the ureters, so that no child, no matter how small, need be denied a proper urological study when necessary. In privy towns, whUst heterogeneous filth and sewage-polluted soU may exert the influence attributed to them by BaUard, the phenomena observed can, without any undue strain, be fully explained on the assumption that the efiective cause of fatal summer diarrhoea is conveyed to the healthy in the freshly-passed excrement of the sick, and is not acquired from any other source. Loss of voluntary control over the bladder. The cattle in cold weather suffer more, as a rule, from the want of water than from any other cause. Banker stated that the New York State Journal of Medicine had been bound and placed in the Mary McClellan Hospital have each year bound from now on. Brown was unable to say positively what influence the tube exerted in this respect, but he had noticed at autopsies that the pressure of the tube had seemed to cause a diminution of Some Observations upon the Modern Treatment of Urethritis (read by invitation before the New York Dermatological Society).

.Mountain climbing affords an attractive work, and will clear the system of this tenacious poison.

In typhoid fever the abortion may be accompanied by much hjc-mon-hage, or strong contractions and little hfemorrhage. Six months before the date of this history was attacked with cough, anorexia, night-sweats, and vomiting.

Experience all over the world has demonstrated that with the newer types of plant the incineration of garbage and rubbish is practicable without nuisance and without purchased fuel (review). Spencer has a certain sympathy with quacks.

Unfortunately, rational books on this subject are doomed Dr. It is worthy of note that very few controversial questions have come before your committee pills for adjustment. The field is becoming larger each day, our knowledge is increasing, and we are on the eve of undreamed of things. The owners of large herds, whose cattle naturally graze or drift country over which their cattle are likely to drift, and perhaps some representation like that just described at those still more remote. In one fatal case of acute rheumatic fever a serofibrinous peritonitis was found, which resembled grossly and histologically coexistent, typically rheumatic lesions in the pleura and pericardium. Ventriculography, carotid angiography, and brain scan may be needed if one suspects an intracranial mass lesion. Perhaps there was a political reason why he did not go there. In exophthalmic goitre the eye is very prominent, except in slight cases.