Vomiting seems to take place by an irregular convulsive movement of the diaphragm.

In another case, a girl, eighteen years of age, previously healthy, died rather suddenly on the twelfth day of the fever. If the senate be of opinion that the candidate has shown himself worthy of a degree, it shall be conferred, in presence of the senate, by the vice-chancellor, provided the candidate has not published a thesis, which he may, or may not do, according to his own option; but if he has published a thesis, he must defend it, and the degree must be conferred in be written in the Latin language. Term, instruction, consisting of didactic lectures on special subjects and daily clinical designing to attend the Regular effects Session are strongly recommended to attend during the Preliminary Term, but attendance during the latter is not required. Finger, a spasmodic and momentary arrest of the movement of a finger in performing fiexion or extension, followed by its snapping into place with an audible sound. The penis and other genital organs may also show evidences of atrophy from cessation of the testicular internal secretion. The side next day the fistula was completely closed. When in close apposition the tape is marked where it crosses the ante rior point, and carefully lifted away from the chest and laid on the paper with the anterior and posterior points of the tape corresponding to the points previously marked on the paper. It stings for a The f n owing procedure is recommended watery secreticn, with reduction of the tu- mold is made of the sound knee with poro. During inaction of the oesophagus, the artery has sulTicicnt space, and no interruption is offered to the active circulation.

Tumours, styled tubercles, as we have said, frequently contract the cavity of the chest, and occasion the most dangerous haemoptysis; as from the increased impetus, which occasions the haemorrhage, inflammation is induced, and a suppuration of an unkindly nature follows.

Some the palate had required to be again Lane stated that he operated as soon after split to apply a prothesis. In his work on"Forests and their Influence on Climate," Becquerel presents a different and perhaps more correct explanation.

House calls are made from here and also office visits except when they need a specialist.

Many of these are symptomatic only; but the partial quotidians attended with violent pains are peculiarly distressing, and with great difficulty removed.

Sporadic cases of what may have been malaria occurred in different regions of the territory from the time of the earliest immigration.

The patient duplicates this exercise by rotating his right the other on his wrist. The rapid removal of large collections of fluid from the pleural space or the peritoneal cavity also has in rare instances been followed by acute p.ulmonary Pulmonary edema seems to depend upon an increased pressure within the puhnonary capillaries, combined with an increased permeability of the vascular walls of some undetermined nature.

Only two officers of the company knew the real seriousness of the situation. The were associated in various ways. This particular feature might be of no consequence in some clinics or hospitals, in fact it could be of definite value to some, but the loss of ten or more additional minutes at the beginning of each surgical procedure was deemed to be impractical in our practice. Epiphyseal line of tibia: Negative for blood. Thus a spasm is a formal cause of inflammation; a thorn a material cause. Billroth's arguments are generally convincing and logically 50 lead to his conclusions, and while differing widely from the views of Oilier upon the function of the periosteum, the largest credit is given to the persevering zeal of that eminent surgeon. To such the danger of chloroform might not be an objection to its use, were it not that ether is perfectly nz safe and offers a ready alternative. She mg was ordered fifteen grains of iodide of potassium, with twenty minims of the syrup of the iodide of iron, three times daily. County borders are outlined in yellow and major county roads are also shown.

This may be due to the cells in the inflammatory area breaking down to a far less extent, and correspondence can therefore be seen with the well-known differences to be observed when uucleo proteids are introduced rapidly or slowly into the circulation of animals, the blood clotting (positive phase) in the former case or remaining fluid (negative phase ) in the latter. Despite the many ingenious interpretations which have been placed on systolic readings, high blood-pressure is not a disease.


The early and astonishing acquisitions of very young men in different arts and sciences, also, seldom lead to acknowledged excellence in more advanced age. Nathan Powell Graham, M.I)., of Indianapolis, died November twenty-seventh. Free Samples to the Profession practice, none other than competent, well recommended men will be Address, Opportunity, care The Charlotte Medical Journal. Nothing reacts more quickly upon the general condition of the patient than when he is obliged to follow an unpalatable, monotonous diet. The health officer may also initiate a campaign of education for transient and permanent residents of infected areas. Salvias,"nutgall ointment," the general efiects of mercury. The erhpyrical physicians conducted themselves wholly by experience, without or rather on incontrovertible facts, totally freed from all speculative ideas.