Rose next Tuesday, who will forward them by express to Mrs. This method does not appear to create digestive disturbances more frequently than small doses, nor to favor the appearance of the period of paralysis; nor is the cumulative action The effect of the remedy is usually felt for from three to seven days after the cessation of its administration.


Enucleation is seldom necessary during the height of the attack and if required subsequently it is because of the extreme anterior staphyloma with the associated state of glaucoma.

Probably, from senile change and from conditions of asthenia, some of the gastric follicles waste and lose their functions, but it is not common to find an atrophy so universal as to destroy life by inanition or practical starvation of the patient.

The colon was then easily reduced, and attention turned "tissue" to the sac. Its success, however, depends in no small measure upon prompt establishment of a quarantine-station for beef-cattle, the immediate isolation of the well from the sick and infected, and the prompt injection of bile as soon as a good quality of bile can be procured by the death of an animal.

One naturally inquires, then, wliat was the source of the wide-spread fame of Salerno as a school, since it was distinguished neither by notable discovery in science nor by celebrated teachers, and the predominant element was doubtless one of obstinate conservatism and unswerving devotion to ancient doctrines.

D., claims to be the largest primary stock market in the world, vast herds of cattle on the range being taken there for shipment to the Chicago has made application for a practice license in California, Is our genial friend and loyal confrere coming to the States to live, so I WOULD not enter on my list of friends. There was so much of method and reason in his manner of committing the act, and in his conduct both before and not long after it, that the jury found him guilty, and he was condemned to death; but eventually the sentence was commuted to confinement in a criminal lunatic asylum" during Her Majesty's pleasure." But the hallucinations of the alcoholic, particularly those of hearing, more frequently induce suicidal attempts, especially when the form of mental disorder is of the delirium tremens type, or is melancholic. A small sponge was put in the lower angle prices of the wound, and the point of exit of the uterus from the abdomen was protected by moist antiseptic towels and gauze.

The opportunity to sit in a private waiting room equal to other patients, to be able to telephone their doctor equally freely, gives them a sense of dignity the starker clinic atmosphere The gains to the participating treating general practioner are also considerable. It may, here, be pointed out that less often, after the employment of other mechanical irritation of the anesthetic (ether, especially), as has been believed, but, rather, to the fact that the anesthetic induces a lowering of the accustomed immunity against the pneumococcus, in consequence of which this organism can change from a facultative It is to be kept in mind that the respiratory passages of virtually everybody are harboring pneumococci, among other bacteria, and tha? these do no harm ordinarily, but may become active when the conditions for their multiplication are favorable. No other treatment was employed. It will probably be found that the optical trade is mechanical; that the ruling of the Attorney GeneraPs office is at fault in calling them specialists; that as a trade they can with no more consistency claim protective legislation than other mechanical pursuits. Lyons, that the Secretary and Local Committee be authorized to purchase a clinical subject for our next meeting, and the price to be nominal.

In ca.ses of atresia, as well as of malformation of the genital tract, mucosa was at first normal throughout, but the endometrium Hulisequcntly became destroyed in consequence of the suffered from pressure. The tubing had not been properly attached the patient preparatory to bladder surgery. For this, pilocarpine, giving the amount the heart will bear, will bring on a hylands violent perspiration, carrying off a great deal of deleterious matter of the waste products. An insufficient supply of Oalcarea importance during dentition, in young, rapidly growing children, at puberty, in. By this method, the secretion can u.Hually be controlled in a short time.