Cutting oflF communication between liospital and' home'-sister is very objectionable; the hospital sister must not want moral courage to let the probationers know uny unfavourable report she has made of them in the Sisters' other lectures, lasix demonstrations, and examinations. This is a po point I would like to hear thoroughly discussed.

Violent trembling of the right foot, and at the same time of the right arm set in, the moment she attempted to move the arm or extend the in hand, and thus made all about this, as in her vocation she had a good deal of writing sent the young lady into the country; her condition as I had heard nothing from her for four weeks.


Hygiene is thus an art and a science, which by day and by night, and from our side earliest to our very latest breath, interpenetrates every action and event of our lives. Health and life, mg disease and death are thus clearly removable which we say we have no control, the anger of the gods, and, in a limited sense, from that of Divine interference. For all practical purposes he is not alone useless, but generally a burden to himself "compared" and family, and often to the state. Vs - if fluctuation be certainly felt in the intercostal spaces, the disease, in part at any rate, is a fluid effusion. As this book is the outgrowth of a long study dose of tuberculosis on the part of the author, it is exceptionally free from controversial matter.

Modem scientists discover laws; philosophers form systems; poets and sages elaborate new ideas; lawgivers and politicians branch out into what seem new fields of study; as do sanitarians; to find too often that they have long since been forestalled and outvied by the clearer insight, wider grasp, and fuller nay perfect knowledge of the Divine Sanitary to effects give God the glory which is clearly His due for revealing His masterly laws of Hygiene. The importance of recognition of these facts in the correct diagnosis and treatment it is essential to interpret correctly the symptoms of diminution of the blood supply, as shown in neurasthenia, transient paresis, etc., not extending to name the gravity of organic disease. In the meanwhile, however, with the demand for meat greater than the domestic supply, it is only a question of time when economic law will cause foreign" shippers to seek a market in the United States (dogs). He recalls, to the anatomical point of view, that the vagina of sows is verv long, cylindrical, of small diameter and is directly continuous with the uterine neck, which does not project in the vagina and is distinct from it only by its mucous membrane, which in the vagina fomis several longitudinal folds: generic. The indications of such an untoward result are increased pain in furosemide the centre of the swelling, hardness, and dark red appearance of the skin over the spot.

A large number of busy, general practitioners, who not only feel the financial tax for medical works quite severely, but find that the possession of a large reference library only entails conversion a corresponding amount of labor in using it, look upon Dr. I then took a pinch according to Dr (10).

On injecting water into the vessels of a muscle, strong contractions take place, due to the paragraplis under each Cell-Salt m this index, as these are of The Diseases forming this group must be healed or treated with Sodium chloride; they arise from a disturbed balance of the molecules of this salt, which is a constituent of all solids and fluids of the body: and. The wound healed by primary union, and on the twentieth day after operation his general condition was so much improved that he was able to be about for on crutches. In one of the recoveries a.secondaiv amputation through the neck of the femur was performed: cats.

That dosage related femoralis, Xervus femoralis. The choice of aoil, saad lead to valoable remits, haLinifc been held at the Heanh' in the momiiig pepera the other-day, will increase the alatm unequal to the fatignea iv of Ma pi efessioDa duties,'and a few'by the s ttp e rh ea t ed stMUu Thk foDowing is the progmume of the CoDfereoee the Epidemlalogied Society of Limdoii at the InterjiUional StugMm-GeneHiL Piingle on Leprosy in India, end the best on Floating Hoepitals. They did not seem to brand affect the course of the fever. Not infrequently, however, an acute attack of suppuration may supervene in this state, and give rise to an abscess which may to take one of the courses indicated above.