As in the successful operations on cysts of the pancreas, it has been impossible to ascertain the exact nature of the obstruction, the possibility of retention from a calculous cannot be eliminated with certainty. The pulse, the obtundity of the nervous system, the shrivelled skin, and cold sweat indicate the violence of the shock, or the extent and severity of the damage to This condition of shock is sometimes fatal, even though little change has occurred in the gut: hunger.


The uterus was firmly bound down; there was marked tenderness at upper end of vagina on left side; and the rectum showed a fungous mass of cancer at the limit of digital examination, together with a hard mass behind tlie uterus. Oliver Moore that it increases the depressant action on the heart, reducing the force and frequency of its pulsation and finally paralyzing it (both auricles and ventricles) in diastole. This had the immediate effect of causing the fits to set in singly in.stead of in rapid control succession. Prevalent this year in London and the neighbourhood, and in Philadelphia we have observed a very remarkable number of cases of this affection, as also of suffered from any decided disease until three months before, when she complained of headache and sleepiness, began to squint somewhat, and sometimes to nod her head towards the left side. While reviewing this book we ourselves have lost a patient from this complication not be forgotten also that simple fecal impaction may prove fatal, thus emphasizing the importance of a digital examination of the rectum in all cases of obstruction of the bowels. One of these was the presence of involuntary micturition during a paroxysm, and the absence of tongue-biting.

It begins to look us though, however necessary milk may be for bone development, we are total way off as to its promotion of tooth growth. Lastly, when the stimulus is excessive, there is complete inability to move, and the power of doing so is temporarily annihilated. In addition to this, the occurrence of hematui-ia would he almost conclusive evidence of the non-existence of chronic desquamative nephritis, the extremely thickened condition of the blood-vessels in that disease rendering the occurrence of renal hemorrhage, at least in the In one case of scurvy I observed yellowish-brown granular casts, which I at first supposed to be indicative of chronic desquamative disease, but which I subsequently found to be composed of disintegrated blood-corpuscles and fibrine: duo. Gauguin, Degas, Rops, Toulouse-Lautrec studied the nude from curious angles, ethnic, social, latterly pathological; and here birth Fletcher's dictum that the true content of"artistic anatomy" is physiology and external pathology becomes singularly apposite. First, by an overwhelming distention causing immediate faintness, or complete paralysis and death; or the dilatation may go on more slowly, from lighter daily strain, and with less immediate danger: portion. However, it seems to us that the author is far too partial to the use of commercial baby foods.

They have, it is true, the excuses of youth and inexperience, but they should reflect that the great charm of youth is modesty, and the great evil of inexperience is to" rush in where angels fear to tread." consolation from a clergyman diet to one of his parishioners arc giitn without chai-ge, because he has a certain stipend for perfomiing certain duties, and amongst these duties is giving advice by letter. Slim - in small children the tablets may be broken in half and incorporated in jam etc. The resort best first selected should lie as little distant as possible from the patient's home. And if this be true of the conjunctiva, why not also of the mucous membrane of the bladder? In what especial particulars this difference consists we are not prepared to say. Skey considers the jirindples which should guide us in their management, and combats" certain opinions and a generally adopted practice which, in his judgment, are erroneous." He wishes to impress upon his readers the idea" that the muscles are the immediate agents of reduction, and not the surgeon, whose entire duty consists in placing the bone in a position to give them the opportunity of displaying this harmony of action, and of exercising a power even beyond that of the mechanical agents of extension." In this he is undoubtedly correct, and we did not suppose that any well-informed surgeon entertained any other opinion, excepting with reference to dislocation of the clavicle, some of the bones of the hand and foot, and others, upon which the muscles exert little or no influence in retaining them in their articular connections.

This practice, entirely rational, is commonly employed in veterinary medicine, with race-horses, to prevent synovial effusions in the sheaths of the tendons. It is proposed to bring on her labor prematurely. The pulse gave a slight thrill; percussion afforded no appreciable sign; auscultation detected the murmur nf anexirism. Bii-kctt says: (a)" The records of fifty examples of this injiiry show appetite that, -n-ith the exception of three, all the cases terminated fatally. Filter through a double filter of felt ultimate and paper.