Tournament of Kings

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    Tournament of Kings located at the Excalibur, is a show of legend.  The all-ages experience provides plenty of excitement and non-stop action as knights on horseback engage in a series of competitions to determine a champion.   The show takes place inside an arena with the seats situated around the main performance area.  The seats are divided into sections with each one representing one of seven different “countries.” People sitting in those sections are encouraged to cheer for their country’s king, who is also a knight, throughout the show.

    Once seated, guests are served the first portion of their dinner, “dragon’s blood” (hot tomato soup.)   Utensils are not provided, and patrons have to eat with their hands (just like the Middle Ages.)   Before any knights appear Merlin and a court jester entertain the crowd. They introduce three cheering methods that guests will use later in the show.

    Tournament of Kings

    Dinner is served as the Knights enter.  The Knights are dressed in costumes rich in color and designed by Michel Fresnay and each horse is also adorned with bright plumage.  The feast fit for a king consists of a roasted Cornish hen, steamed vegetables and a biscuit.  While the audience dines a large round table is lowered into the center of the arena where King Arthur and the other Knights also partake in the feast, raising their glasses and toasting to the joyous occasion.

    Travel back in time with an experience fit for royalty.  Tournament of Kings is a fun filled show that the entire family can enjoy.


    Excalibur Casino & Hotel

    3850 Las Vegas Blvd. South

    Las Vegas, NV  89109

    To Purchase Tickets call (702)597-7600

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