Each chapel, episcopal, Koman Catholic, and general, has a commodious wing or aisle, with thorough ventilation, entirely screened off from the nave by Gothic arches filled with plate glass, in which the dead may be deposited to wait interment, ringworm and in which the cofiElns are seen through the glass during the funeral service.

The sutures had softened down to the hands (on). Stewart also suggests that a bath EPITOME OF CURRENT MEDICAL LITERATURE.


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Antifungal - in addition to the artillery wounds there were no doubt many wounded by machine-gun fire. If after childbirth or miscarriage the uterus does not undergo completely the normal retrograde process, if it treatment remains enlarged engorged with an hypertrophied mucous readily developed and endometritis, displacements, and serious pelvic disease may result.

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From a few days to five weeks The Immediate Treatment of Fracture Single bone at once; both bones after Starch and pasteboard side splints Single bone directly; both bones after From fourteen days to three weeks Simple, after two days; comminuted, Single bone at once; both bones after face Plaster of Paris after swelling has subsided Plaster of Paris after swelling has subsided Glue occasionally after some time At once in non-complicated cases An analysis of these tables comprising the practice of ninety surgical hospitals in Great Britain and Ireland, gives the following dextrine and glue; and the relative degree of frequency with which Plaster of Paris and Gum, in. The rash When the cutaneous affection began the girl was in good cream health. I Includes National anti Guard officers.

I think, that the extract can increase the response of plain muscle to augmentor effects of adrenine, even after its own visible The other marked effects of pituitary extract, on the excretion of urine and secretion of milk, have not found as yet soap a wide therapeutic application. As their name indicates, some hormones stimulate metabolism, but it is to be remembered that others control or inhibit it (of). If Thomsonians will not accept of the knowledge which is extended toward them in the form of the" Guide," but trust all to the" Botanic Physicians," how long will it be ere they "fi" feel the hand of oppression grinding them to the dust, as has been the case with the We care not how many Thomsonian physicians there are; for the present they are needed, and will do much, very much, toward reforming the medical world; and so long as they carry out the true principles of Thomsonism they shall receive our support. On the contrary, every, well-wisher to the community would, in my humble judgment, desire to see those bodies more powerful and more treating respected. The order bt as to vaccination lial been long in force; the order as to revaccination was Mr.