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A very important bursa, because protein it is so frequently inflamed in coffin-joint lameness, facilitates the gliding of the flexor tendon over the navicular bone before it becomes attached to the inferior face of the pedal or digital bone. A perinuclear cataract, usually bilateral, which ordinarily causes no subjective disturbance of vision is sometimes an early sign of chronic tetany (cost). He also prices believed that a surgeon ought not to operate unless he can help the patient. In inguinal ami femoral hernia the parts are relaxed liy Hexing the thigh oti I he pel vis and rolating it in an inward The neck of the sac is fhi'U grasped with the left hand and gentle efforts are made with the right hand to recipes jiress the couleiils back. The patient complained how of headaches, insomnia and weakness. Although the title of this paper refers to newer therapeutic agents, it is believed that an occasional reference to a new thera f Read at the Forty-eighth Annual Convention of the American Veterinary Medical.Association, Toronto, Can., August, iqii and a few such will therefore be included (by).