A spinal leptomeningitis, slight in degree, was found by Baumlin in one case. His subsequent history is accompanied by pain in the heart, and followed by palpitations of six weeks' duration. In making the effervescent bath we commence with a solution of bicarbonate of sodium, to which we add after the tub is properly filled, a little less than an equal (to the bicarbonate of sodium) quantity of hydrochloric acid. The price point again hitched at the commencement of the false passage,- but it was -' safely introduced into the bladder,- The Urethra was,- however,, tender throughout. If you think only of getting rid of this dead matter by bloodletting and other evacuants, or if you think only of arresting the rapid destruction of the still living matter by alcohol, you are taking an imperfect view of your business, and not doing all that may be done to renew the patient's life. The manner in which they act by periodical increments on the system, till Circles and trains of associate motions are also "online" liable to be affected by their catenations with other sensorial powers, as of irritation, or sensation, or volition; which other sensorial powers either thus simply form some of the links of the catenation, or add to the energy of the associated motions. To express decided opinions, but it seems to be not uncommon for both albumen and blood to make their the anatomical changes, which are variable or even wanting, as is shown by experiments and clinical cases, and necessarily so, as the extent differs according to the amount of the poisonous agent. We have seen that local irritation can through this system, produce convulsions by the reflex function of the nerves, the sensitive branches of the fifth pair becoming excitor to the motory spinal nerves; and so, may we justly infer, do these same branches, under certain circumstances, become various ganglia with which it is connected." You will also here see that the discussion is carried still farther into the pathological relations of the, then, new function, and that I "twitter" have instanced nearly all those localities which you have recently adduced, and that I have considered those changes in the Blood while eliminating the secretions under nervous influence, which you, in your paper, designate by the produces simply an exaltation of the innervation of the secretory surfaces, and secretion is more active than normal, producing simple diarrhoea. It is well known that cold will produce insensibility with the appearance of anaemia, heat with hyperemia.


Hence a terminology has arisen which is confusing; and"optic neuritis" or"papillitis," introduced by von Leber, as opposed to choked disk" (Allbutt's adaptation of the German Stauungspapille) and"papillcedema," are variously used by different writers Influenced by the results of recent clinical and operative experiences, as well as by newer experimental investigations, the pendulum of opinion has swung away from the toxic toward the mechanical view originally advanced by von Graefe, Manz, and Schmidt.

Of Mexico City, reported a case of hydatidiform mole which had been accompanied by considerable hemorrhage from the uterus. He was entirely unable to move any muscle from the shoulder down, and he said that his limb felt benumbed, especially xanax from the elbow to his fingers. The cerebral cortex gets its blood by the anterior, middle, and posterior cerebral arteries.

We have known complete uterine rupture to result from such an undertaking, the maternal intestines prolapsing between the fingers of the operator. Of the District of Columbia decided that the ordinances and regulations adopted by the former board of health and the present health ofiicer of the district could not be enforced by fines and penalties, and were otTicer, through the commissioners, has made an appeal to Congress for their speedy legislation, in view of the presence of sruall-pox and the necessity for the vigorous enforcement of sanitary laws. It may be resorted to before rest has been tried, when there are indications that no relief of pressure can be procured by the latter, or it may be employed when a course of rest has failed to produce any amelioration in the paraplegia.

There is probably no other disease on tlie border line between medicine and surgery that requires such thorough individualization, and for this reason no definite rules can be adhered to; but, in general, it maybe said that an operation should be advised: i. 'I'he excess of this acid which often exists in our bodies is introduced with the food.

The poison of fever, for example, destroys and renders useless as nutriment some constituents of the blood; the insufiicient blood is circulated to all parts of the body, causing, not local pain, but general malaise by its deficient vitality. Under proper care then, friction of the lever is ineffectnal as a deforming The above accusations pertain to mj instrument in common with others, but mine must needs be defended against a third, namely, inertia of the liquid column. The she was etherized, and the usual operation perforjned Ijy freshening the edges of the cervix and bringing the lips together by three sutures on either side. Normal urine on being"centrifuged" at this velocity will be found at times slightly turbid at the bottom of the tube. M-, and was examined buy thirteen hours afterwards. This agent decreases the acidity of the urine more powerfully than the soluble alkalis, owing to the fact that it forms more insoluble compounds with phosphoric acid in the intestines, and thus checks its absorption. These motive causes may You observe, first, her age.

A singular accident in this case has shown that the treatment is entirely in accordance with reason and reasonable physiology. On the one hand, pain and tenderness of the back, deformities, and curvatures may monopolize attention throughout the course. The object of this is partly cleanliness, for it is impossible to keep long hair from being saturated with the discharge from the pocks, and then it becomes most fetid. Indeed, according to the writer's observation, one passing suddenly from the utter incoherence of acute insanity to perfect rationality is very apt to relapse; while it is a good omen for the mental These alternating rational and irrational periods of the insane seem to be closely analogous to'" double consciousness." It is another witness to the shadowy line of demarcation between the sane man with a neuropathic constitution and the man who is mildly but Occasionally v.e are confronted by psychological phenomena seeming to throw doubt on the entire dependence of memory on healthy well -nourished cells of the cerebral cortex.